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Write Congress and Ask Your Representatives to Support Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Relief

Congress is about to vote on a budget and will decide imminently what support and relief they will give to the American citizens living on the islands - including the funding of healthcare and extension of child tax credits. Please write Congress and demand they treat Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands fairly!

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Sign the Petition, Call on IMF for Relief for Islands Affected by Irma and Maria 

Take action to call on the IMF, World Bank, creditors, White House, and Congress to provide relief and support for these islands.

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Prevent Future Financial Crisis in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's economic crisis is at a critical moment. The island needs comprehensive debt restructuring and austerity prevention to grow its economy, protect its people and combat child poverty. Congress can help - Email your representatives and urge them to act for Puerto Rico today.

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Fight Corruption and Fight Poverty, Stop the Financial Choice Act

T‎he House voted to repeal responsible lending and transparency measures from the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. We cannot let any version of the House Financial Choice Act pass the Senate. Please e-mail your Senators now.

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Sign Up for Future Actions

Sign up for alerts and join thousands of others who stand up for economic justice. 

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