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Jubilee for Students

On July 1, student loan interest rates are set to double for almost 7 million college students. Last year when Congress was about to double the interest rates on students, 45 Jubilee faith communities prayed, acted and stopped the increase. This year over 60 religious communities across the nation joined us in prayer to stop the increase.

Jubilee USA believes students are our future, and recognizes that in these times we must make connections between unjust loans that hurt our local and global communities.

When talking to students, often the first thing they bring up is - how does Jubilee USA's work relate to my student loans? How can I fight for debt justice in the global south and for debt justice here in the United States? 

Jubilee for Students bridges connections and strengthen our movement for responsible lending and borrowing. Just as international debt crises has spread from the global south to northern economies - we see the banks and the international financial institutions spreading the same failed policies. 

Thank you to everyone that participated in Jubilee for Students and are working to make a difference in the lives of our future leaders. Together, we let our elected leaders know that our students' futures are not a game of politics.

Here are our resources for Jubilee for Students:

  • Download our full resource packet which includes:
    • a letter from our Executive Director, Eric LeCompte
    • our sample interfaith prayer
    • our petition to Congress to keep student loan rates from doubling for 7 million college students
    • a resource to connect the dots between global and student debt

Please forward this packet onto campus ministries or faith community student groups.

Contact Jade at outreach@jubileeusa.org to sign up, get more info or would like more support!


Member of the press?  Go to Jubilee USA's press room for press releases around the case.

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