Jubilee USA Executive Director Releases Statement on Canonization of Archbishop Oscar Romero

Washington, DC - On October 14th, Archbishop Oscar Romero will be Canonized and named a Saint within the Catholic Church.

Eric LeCompte, the executive director of religious development group Jubilee USA, releases the following statement on the Sainthood of Archbishop Oscar Romero. LeCompte is the former National Organizer of the School of the America's Watch. Romero was assassinated by graduates of the US Military Institute known as the School of the Americas. LeCompte releases the below statement:

"Romero stood up for his people at a time of great repression in El Salvador.

"He cast his lot with the poor and vulnerable and was assassinated because he opposed the brutality of the military dictatorship.

"Romero was a bookworm, he was quiet and timid and did not want to upset the status quo. Seeing the suffering of his people, he felt called by God to speak up for his people.

"Saint Oscar Romero is an example for all of us. No matter how uncomfortable it can be, no matter the cost, we are called to raise our voices to protect and lift the vulnerable."