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< Puerto Rican Debt Bill Moves Forward As All Sides Compromise
23.05.2016 15:20 Age: 187 days
Category: Press Hits

Bernie Sanders Calls on Democrats to Kill the Puerto Rico Debt Deal


Sanders Wants to Kill the Puerto Rico Debt Deal


There’s plenty for a democratic socialist to hate about the new deal for resolving Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. The agreement reached by the Obama administration and Speaker Paul Ryan last week will slash the island’s minimum wage and subjugate the territory’s local governments to an Oversight Board — one that will be dominated by Republicans and legally bound to act “in the best interests” of Puerto Rico’s creditors. Oh, and just to make sure the deal isn’t tainted by any hint of democratic legitimacy, no one who has ever been elected to represent the Puerto Rican people will be allowed to serve in this shadow government.


Thus, it isn’t shocking that Bernie Sanders is railing against the deal.


" But there’s a strong argument for not letting the democratically legitimate become the enemy of the good. True, the current deal enjoys the support of such nefarious right-wing organizations as Americans for Tax Reform, but it also has the backing of the Jubilee USA Network, which represents virtually all of Puerto Rico’s religious leaders.”



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