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20.05.2016 17:56 Age: 188 days
Category: Press Hits
By: Lucie Robequain

President Obama's and Speaker Ryan's deal to help Puerto Rico

National Catholic Reporter


President Obama's and Speaker Ryan's deal to help Puerto Rico

By Micheal Sean Winters

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan struck a deal with the Obama administration Wednesday night on legislation to address the fiscal crisis and humanitarian crisis. The deal has the support of, and was largely negotiated by, Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT), chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, and Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI).

The legislation is not perfect, but members on both side of the aisle should support it because the alternative -- doing nothing -- would be catastrophic.


"Once the board determines a type of debt payment is not sustainable, the board votes to send the case to the U.S. Federal District Court where a debt restructuring process can begin," said Eric LeCompte, executive director of JubileeUSA, who has been closely involved in the negotiations. The mere prospect of the restructuring being turned over to the courts should put pressure on all sides to reach a voluntary agreement.

"Nous restons préoccupés par l'impact de la crise budgétaire sur les plus pauvres et les plus vulnérables", a commenté lundi Eric LeCompte, de la coalition d'ONG Jubilee USA, affirmant que plus de la moitié des enfants sur l'île vivaient "dans la pauvreté". - See more at: www.jubileeusa.org/press/press-item/article/porto-rico-menace-de-defauts-de-paiement-en-cascade.html

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