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< Nonpartisan Religious Development Group Honors Chairman Spencer Bachus for Debt Relief Efforts
01.12.2016 08:55 Age: 62 days
Category: Press Hits

Spencer Bachus: True leadership

The Hill

Spencer Bachus: True Leadership

By Eric LeCompte and David Beckmann


One day, driving back to Alabama from Washington, Rep. Spencer Bachus and his wife Linda made an unscheduled pause in their trip to pray for wisdom and guidance. At the time, Mr. Bachus was a senior Republican in line to eventually become the chairman of a powerful committee overseeing the financial sector and international monetary policy. He was discerning whether he should promote a plan to relieve debt in poor countries so children could go to school and see doctors. Upon reflection, Mr. Bachus determined that whatever the personal political consequences might be of moving forward on such a non-traditional cause as debt relief, the imperative was to do what was right.



Inspired by faith-based advocates in Birmingham and with the support of his wife Linda, Spencer Bachus become a champion for the cause on Capitol Hill. As a leading member on an influential House committee, he worked tirelessly to convince his Republican colleagues and the Clinton Administration to approve a debt relief bill that became a model for worldwide initiatives. The legislation included significant measures designed to reduce graft, corruption, and waste. In a passionate speech to his colleagues, Bachus said, “We have the responsibility, we have the obligation, and we have the direction as to what is the right thing to do.” His argument carried the day.




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