G20 IMF Finance Ministers Jubilee Statement

G20 finance ministers conclude their meetings during the Spring IMF and World Bank Meetings. The ministers focused on inflation shocks, debt vulnerabilities in developing countries and the role of Multilateral Development Banks.

Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of the religious development group Jubilee USA Network and a United Nations finance expert who monitored G20, IMF and World Bank meetings since 2010, releases the following statement on the G20 finance ministers meeting chaired by Brazil:

"Brazil is attempting to raise some ambitious issues to address poverty, climate and inequality during its G20 presidency.

"Food security and debt are challenges that impact every issue that the G20 is grappling with.

"Developing countries need increased funds from Multilateral Development Banks to deal with climate, poverty and food security challenges.

"G20 debt relief processes are not working effectively or fast enough.
"As the majority of countries face numerous crises, the G20 has a responsibility to move forward aid and policies that can resolve these crises."

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