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Fast Commentary

October 31
It's time we took action to understand better how people live all across the globe on a daily basis. This is one way we can make inroads to change the daily life of others. Melinda Thompson, Silver Spring, Maryland

Fasting in support of the cause of debt relief to help others; to support sharing the world's bounty with others; to demonstrate that citizens here do care about the rest of the world and are not all greedy, despite the bad example from our top political leaders; and to show support and solidarity with David Duncombe, who lives in my town. Jesse Burkhardt, White Salmon, Washington

Joining in solidarity with others nationwide as we join our brothers and sisters across the globe in some sort of physical suffering is always a way to remind me what it means to live under the weight of a force you cannot break free from...to make me desire to help in the canceling of this debt so that Jubilee can be proclaimed. Amanda Edris, Drop the Debt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our congregation has a sister parish in Haiti, and we support economic justice for that country. Mary Strimel, Arlington, Virginia

I believe it is right and just to do this. Anne Richard, West Palm Beach, Florida

October 30
The Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence is joining the Cancel Debt Fast in order to make ourselves more aware of the problem of world debt and to influence change. Jane Ann Slater, Congregation of Divine Providence, San Antonio, TX

Because of our commitment to action for the poor and to justice, approximately 130 Sisters and Associates of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in CA have been invited to participate in this fast. The burden of debt on developing nations is causing poverty and must be addressed. Province Leadership Team, Belmont, CA

To be in solidarity with those who are in need. Ann Barton, Leavenworth, KS

Thanks for thinking up the paper-plate project. We mailed ours to you this morning and we are participating in different ways in the fast. God bless you and your work! Sr. Rosalie Ruesewald

We in the U.S. have so much, we need to help our brothers and sisters through out the world begin to have the basic necessities of life. Sister Elizabeth Drew, San Diego, CA

The people in Africa are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Richard Kelly, Congregation of Holy Cross, Austin, TX

October 30
The Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence is joining the Cancel Debt Fast in order to make ourselves more aware of the problem of world debt and to influence change. Jane Ann Slater, Congregation of Divine Providence, San Antonio, TX

Because of our commitment to action for the poor and to justice, approximately 130 Sisters and Associates of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in CA have been invited to participate in this fast. The burden of debt on developing nations is causing poverty and must be addressed. Province Leadership Team, Belmont, CA

To be in solidarity with those who are in need. Ann Barton, Leavenworth, KS

Thanks for thinking up the paper-plate project. We mailed ours to you this morning and we are participating in different ways in the fast. God bless you and your work! Sr. Rosalie Ruesewald

We in the U.S. have so much, we need to help our brothers and sisters through out the world begin to have the basic necessities of life. Sister Elizabeth Drew, San Diego, CA

The people in Africa are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Richard Kelly, Congregation of Holy Cross, Austin, TX

October 29

Have been working for the Peoples of Africa for 15 years now, and it is high time we gave at least the One percent GNP to foreign assistance that the ONE organization (DATA) has been pushing for.  I think this total cancellation of debts is even more fair than partial donations to a false debt.  Instead of helping them pay them down slowly, let's get them cancelled!! Thia Artemis, Burlington, VT

It is my small way of contributing to the eradication of poverty. As a Catholic I am called by Jesus to "feed the hungry." Madeline Labriola, Pax Christi, Highland, NY

It is an expression of my solidarity with brothers and sisters who are under the weight of crushing debt, and a move to lift that weight from their shoulders. Julie Reuning-Scherer, Manchester, CT

I am registering my community, the Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore. The countries burdened by debts that in many cases have accumulated because of unjust governments need a chance to get out from under these crushing burdens.  The money used in repaying debts could go to much needed services that would improve the lives of the people. Kathleen White, OSB, Lutherville, MD

About 150 Felician Sisters from Lodi, New Jersey will be fasting on October 3 in support of debt cancellation. Sr. MaryAnn Mueller, Felician Sisters, Lodi, New Jersey

I am joining this fast because I believe that sacrificing a little can go a long way. I want to show my friends, family, community, and government leaders that debt cancellation is a serious matter which should not be taken lightly. If we all join hands in this fight we can win the war against tyranny, disease and poverty. Lives can and will be changed...if I have any say in the matter! Joshua Case, Indianapolis, IN

October 25

Because people are what matters. Vivian Fishman, Princeton, NJ

I believe forgiveness of debt for those nations that have been enticed or coerced into impossible and illicit debt by corrupt leaders and by the forces of economic globalization to be one of the most important spiritual concerns of our time. Joseph Keesecker, Agricultural Missions Inc., New York, NY

As a member of the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill New York who are committed to fostering a more just world, it is important to act in solidarity with others who are also concerned about the plight of people living in poverty beyond  their control to change. We can influence a positive change in our world by acting together for peace and justice. Sister Mary Murrah, Dominican Sisters of Sparkill, NY

This day, Holy Child sisters around the USA will fast for debt reduction as part of a national action of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. I fast to change my own consumption habits and in solidarity with needy people everywhere. Frances White, Pasadena, CA

I choose to fast in solidarity with those who have so little to eat because of the debt incurred by their governments. Charles McCall, West Bend WI

How many times do we hear that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? With international attention focused on Haiti it seems the time is right to do the most logical and productive thing to help Haiti help herself. Unshackle Haiti from her debts. Much of this debt is of dubious origins. Let Haiti move forward out of what has been left to her by dictators, oppressors and thieves. Johanna Harman, Mill Valley, CA

October 24
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace have made a congregation commitment to "Make Poverty History" and debt reduction/cancellation is a significant step toward this goal.  Participation in the "Paper Plate Action" continues our concerted efforts this Sabbath Year of Jubilee. St. Joseph Province Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

It's the right thing to do. Joining my prayers and efforts with others. Dr. Rosemary Ryan, Medical Mission Sisters, Hyde Park, Massachusetts

All my energy and money go to our Haiti project and we look upon Jubilee as a support for Haiti. Tom Luce, Berkeley, California

The 73 members of the Dominican Sisters are participating in this fast to show our support with the poor of debt-burdened countries, and to awaken awareness of our country's participation in the unfairness of that debt burden. Carolyn Krebs, Elkins Park, Dominican Sisters of Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

It's a cause that's truly helpful and way overdue in coming. David Brown, Paradise, California

I will fast in solidarity with the millions of people around the world who are forced into the fast of poverty by unjust and illegitimate debt. I will fast to increase my own awareness of the ways I benefit from a global economic system that devastates others. I will fast because I believe that we all live in a global community.  I will fast because my Christian faith calls me to participate in the transformation of the world.  Sr. Marie Dennis, Maryknoll, Washington, D.C.

October 23
As a Campus Pastor at the University of Iowa and a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I have been advocating for debt relief since Jubilee 2000.  I am proud to serve in a denomination that speaks out for global justice and calls upon our government to take the lead in easing the debt of impoverished nations. Robert Dotzel, Iowa City, Iowa, Lutheran Campus Ministry

I went with a Witness For Peace teen delegation to Nicaragua in July of this year.  I have seen, first hand, what the cost of debt is for the people. Daryn Lane, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Let's cancel the WTO and IMF as well; the Western nations support these mega loansharks, which exploit the world's poor while the elites of the rich world and their corrupt cohorts grow obscenely richer.  I can't come to D.C., but I want to help others to go. Elizabeth Sheppard, Longview, Washington

I will fast in solidarity with those who are hungry because they cannot buy food. Mary Nolan, Adrian Dominican Sisters, Chicago, Illinois

Ignorance is not bliss, it's stupid. And because I can choose to give up food. Kelsey Henry, Crystal, Minnesota

No War, No Warming is holding a fast to start on the 4th so others may eat as we prepare to bring peace and justice. I will fast the second day for Jubilee. Our Peace Coalition is going to table at the African Street Fair and have plates for all to decorate and send to our legislators to cancel the debt. Elizabeth Barger, Summertown, Tennsessee

October 22
It's a way of standing in solidarity with those who have no choice about "fasting" and a way to convince our representatives that many of us care about debt cancellation.  Paulette Zimmerman, St. Louis, MO

If many of my immediate neighbors within my community do not have the financial availability to eat on a daily basis due to debt etc., I cannot image what a billion dollar debt would cause a nation to be without. Jessica Rozga, Chicago, IL

I hope to help convince Congress to pass legislation to cancel the debt of third world countries. Kathryn Thomas, White Salmon WA

 I understand the sense of hopelessness than can come from too much debt, especially when the interest rates charged require repayment over and over and over... Casey Dawes, Aptos, CA

Because we believe in collective power for mission. In doing this together we have a powerful voice for change and the hope that Canceling the Debt can be accomplished. Joanne Tromiczak-Neid, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates St. Paul Province, St. Paul, MN

I know that the debt payments being made by many countries around the world are payments on unjust loans. In many cases the loan amounts have been repaid years ago, but the interest payments continue. The money being spent by developing nations around the globe to make their loan payments could instead be well spent on infrastructure and programs that help the people in those same countries. I'm fasting today in solidarity with the many people around the world who won't have enough to eat today or tomorrow or for their entire lives.  It's not much, but it is one small way to show I care, that I will not forget, and I will work for change in the global systems. It's time to release the most impoverished countries from their debts, so they can bring about positive change for their people.  It's time our country lead the way in this Jubilee movement and it's time for our elected representatives to support the Jubilee Act! Wendy Gist, Pasadena, CA

October 17

I will do a Ramadan Fast in solidarity with my Muslim Brothers and Sisters that I work with in West Africa and for Jubilee. Dr. Brad Brown, Miami-Dade NAACP, Miami, Florida

So that all people have the same advantage. There is enough resources for all of the people of the world if all share! Jean Panisko, Denver, Colorado

We stand with those who are poor as we advocate for systemic change. Our international religious congregation has missions in some of the countries burdened by debt. Sr. M. Cecilia Liberatore, Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio

We are such a wealthy nation and it is unethical for us to cause other humans beings, the same as us, to never be educated, have proper medical care, or clean drinking water because their country has to spend its money paying other nations back. Elizabeth Littlefield, Rockaway, Oregon

In support of my housemates Nathan and Danielle and the mission of Jubilee. no sweets/desserts. Jillian Baker, Washington, D.C.

As a Secular Franciscan I feel that there is a need to speak out and act on behalf of those who cannot. As an American I feel that we have more than enough money in this country to share with others. Claire Hoagland, Montclair, Virginia

October 16

I believe that what Jubilee is doing is vital to the future health and security of the human race. William Kenney, Lexington, Kentucky

I'm trying to find a way to make sense of the inequitable distribution of wealth in the world; it is hard for me to see why people in the US would be "entitled" to so much more than others.  I feel grateful for my easy life and so sad about the suffering of other people. Julie Williams, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Debt is a scam.  We are all equal, and fasting puts me in touch with that. Drew Hudson, Bradenton, Florida

Fasting and other forms of self-denial are appropriate in times of enormous disparity between rich and poor. I believe this organized fast is a fit offering to God on behalf of the wealthy nations, as well as an effective tool to engage Congress in action to cancel the debts of poor countries. Sarah Turner, Alexandria, Virginia

I believe that debt cancellation has the power to alleviate many of our world's problems. Honoring the jubilee, in Levitical terms, is an act of faith. We demonstrate that our hope is in God and not in our own power to prosper. Jennifer Rash, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

October 15
Our congregation is committed to prayer, fasting and action for peace. We have studied the Millennium Development Goals and been deeply moved at the plight of so many of our brothers and sisters worldwide. We can't do much - but what we can do, we do with faith, and hope, and love. Sister Cheryl Keehner, Richfield, Ohio

We believe that this is to be done for the good of those who suffer. In solidarity with others who will fast. Sister Andre Rothschild, Baltimore, Maryland

I helped feed my 2 grandchildren this weekend. All families deserve to have enough good food to feed their children, as my family has. Judy Bonnell-Wenzel, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I believe that Jesus calls us to love our brothers and sisters all across the globe, which would include clearing debts which prevent countries from working with us as equal, independent nations. Karen Schmidt, Portland, Oregon

The debt is immoral and repulsive. We must start to think of ourselves as one human species with equal rights to the limited resources of the planet. Ann Braudis, Maryknoll, New York

Oct. 11
To promote and pray for the cancellation of unjust debts so that the people of each country may use their resources to develop. Sr. Mary Zosso, Medical Mission Sisters, Bethesda, Maryland

I think that we should start taking Jesus seriously when he talked about "treating the least of these" and having the attitude of Christ because "He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing." Jordan Andlovec, Rocklin, California

As one who was caught up in personal debt, I know how it can destroy a life. I saw how it took years to come back, and it is still a struggle. Countries have a much harder job, and children are the innocent victims! Elizabeth Frost, Pittsford, Vermont

I know from Sisters of our Congregation in Africa and Latin America of the great need for debt cancellation. Margaret Hoffman, Belmont, California

We want to address a serious social issue.  We are committed to promoting quality of life. Irman Gonzalez, Corpus Christi, Texas, Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament

Oct. 10

I believe it's important to show solidarity with those forced to make sacrifices every day just to survive, and to take some sort of personal action to give more meaning and force to the political activism I have committed to undertaking in the effort to bring about debt cancellation.  Leah Lyman, Elmhurst, IL

I am called by my faith to be in solidarity with my less fortunate brothers and sisters. John Tischhauser, Durango, Colorado

140 sisters are starting on the day of The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrow to be in solidarity with all those suffering through the poverty that is being imposed upon them. Doing something like this brings a mindfulness of how we are all connected on an environmental, political, economic, spiritual and social level. The challenge is to be mindful of that interconnectedness so we can forge inclusive solutions. Sr. Ann Gray, Islip, New York

The world suffers and we have the potential to help them.  Why would we not do whatever we can? Julie Clawson, Yorkville, IL

The desire for the common good motivates me. My dream of world peace impels me. Rose Mary Sullivan, Wilton, CT

Oct. 9, 2007
From personal experience, from Biblical studies and from my own personal theological perspectives and experiences, I believe in the concept of Jubilee, and the need for forgiveness of debts. Karen Starks, Clarkston, Georgia

To speak for the people of Haiti since no one is listening to their voices. Susan Brazan, New Iberia, Louisiana

The lifestyle that we enjoy in the US is a scandal given that people in other parts of the world do not have the basic necessities. Dr. Maureen Wesolowski, Berkeley, California

We're doing a unit on debt cancellation with a Christian social justice group on campus. Elizabeth Henry, Davidson, North Carolina

We stand with those who are poor as we advocate for systemic change. Our international religious congregation has missions in some of the countries burdened by debt. Lenette Marcello, Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio

Oct. 3
Justice demands that we fast to call to help get our congressional representatives to act. Cecil Prescod, Portland, OR

A free world deserves to be free of debt. Miguel Rodriguez, Orlando, FL

First, I am participating because I believe that I must take action to help rectify this problem that has persisted for far too long and cost the lives of too many of God's children. Second, because I can wholeheartedly participate in this fast believing it to be the perfect example of the type of fasting God has called us to (Isaiah 58). And finally, because I must. I cannot love my neighbor while I cherish my own comfort above their very lives. When I can better understand the suffering of those around the world I will be able to understand what it means to "act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God." (Micah 6:8). Amber Johnson, LaGrange, GA

This world desperately needs peace.  We all know that if we want peace we must work for justice.  Jubilee's efforts joined with many other organizations to eliminate unjust debt is essential to peace in this world. Nancy Broach, Grants, NM

This is a ministry of my faith community and I am part of what we are.  Also, this is something I CAN do with limited resources. Karen Hellgren, Santa Cruz, CA

Oct. 2
Because debt affects people's access to healthcare and AIDS medications in impoverished countries. Desirae Clodfelter, Furman Global Justice, Greenville, NC

I remember sitting, horrified, in my Latin American history class, as my professor spoke about the insurmountable debt that most third world countries are buried under. I was enraged and wanted to tell everyone I knew about this injustice. That was in 2000. I graduated from college and somehow forgot about some of the causes I used to feel so strongly about. Thank you for bringing this back to my attention, for waking me up again to the rest of the world. It seems I had hit the snooze button and forgot to care.  As a follower of Christ, I believe it my responsibility to stand up for love and justice in His name. Rebecca Short, Asheville, NC

We believe in the dignity of every human person and recognize that debt cancellation is essential to relieve the poverty and oppression experienced by so many of our brothers and sisters across the globe. Sister Dorothy Schlaeger, Colorado Springs, CO

I worked in Uganda for 15 years and saw first hand the effects of this unjust debt on the people especially the children. Margaret O'Rourke, Long Beach, CA

Because it's a just cause. Briggs Bomba, Africa Students Union, Wright State University, Fairborn, OH

Oct. 1
I am joining the Cancel Debt Fast not just to show my support for the Jubilee Act, but also to connect myself with those across the globe suffering daily from hunger. Christina Melander, Chicago, IL

I saw the effects of global debt firsthand some years ago when I returned to my Peace Corps country of Paraguay after 20 years. The people are worse off now than they were then due to debt payments instead of investing in health, education, and development.   I stand with them and so many like them around the globe.

Having never fasted before, I am committing to drink fluids during the day and to eat one meal in the evening for the duration of this organized fast.  With the help of God, I will be in solidarity with those who suffer under unjust debt. Blessings on all your efforts.  Ruth Fortis, Columbus, OH

This is a blessed opportunity to help the poor. Thank you! Barbara Mihalchick, Uniontown, PA

I'm inspired by the strength of the Haitian people, whose "day of fasting" is every day. Tom Miller, Global Exchange, Oakland, CA

We are all responsible for each other, and in particular - those who have so very little to get by.  God bless the work of Jubilee USA and all those who hear the cry of so many of our brothers and sisters in need. Mary Ann O'Connor, Del Mar, CA

Sept. 27
Our mission includes respect for all persons, especially those who are poor and oppressed. We will do what we can to alleviate their suffering and burdens. Mary Persico, Scranton, Pennsylvania

In reparation for the oppressive debt our country has placed on Africa. Phyllis Lisle, Cary, North Carolina

Center of Concern staff is pledging together to fast on this day in solidarity with the many people around the world impacted by their countries' huge debt (and debt interest) burdens. We are asking our membership to join with us in fasting on this day. Jill Rauh, Center of Concern, Washington, D.C.

127 members of Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, KY are fasting because we believe in the cancellation of the debt. We were involved in the instruction about the MDG's years ago and we want to participate. Sister Jo Ann Jansing, Ursuline Sisters, Louisville, Kentucky

We need to care about and for our fellow sisters & brothers. Mary Bunting, Baltimore, Maryland.

Sept. 26
The world has been suffering for long enough as a result of the luxury of some of our lives. It is time for that to change. Isaiah Wiles, Louisville, Kentucky

Canceling debt in impoverished countries allows them to feed their people rather than use the money to pay back the debt - a win-win for them and us as well. Ann Marie Glasford, Monument, Colorado

I am appalled that the U.S. and affluent countries are drawing off the vital resources of poor countries to serve ourselves. I knew it was happening but not to what extent until recently. I wrote an editorial article for our local paper that was printed last week. I want to help people who care become aware of what is going on. Meiling Albert, Vacaville, California

We join the thousands of people of good faith to help our world with this cause before us this day. May Providence continue to provide for so many! Sister Mary Louise Barba, Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence, San Antonio, Texas

I am joining this time of fast to bring Justice to the countries who need true justice practiced on their behalf. Mary Norbert Long, St. Mary-Basha Catholic School, Chandler, Arizona

Sept. 25
Each day I will do some form of fasting, as well as carry the news of solidarity to the prisoners in the jail where I work. Miren Lapazaran, Carmelites of Charity VEDRUNA, Washington, D.C.

I believe it is an act of justice and compassion. George Matz, Topeka, Kansas

For people of conscience, it's the right thing to do to relieve suffering in impoverished countries and bring about some measure of economic equity in our global society. Jonnie Wilson, San Diego, California

It is a good cause. It pains me to hear of children suffering when something can be done to save them. Anita Marcellis, Convent Station, New Jersey

I've read the phenomenal book "Race Against Time". I believe debt cancellation will allow impoverished African countries to focus more on their children and the struggle against AIDS. Cody Long, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Sept. 24

I want to be in solidarity with all those experiencing poverty and neglect by First World Countries. Sr. Carol Anne Siegel, Wolcott, Connecticut.

Because it is a matter of justice. Colette Hanlon, Sisters of Charity, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

I have been working as a physician in rural Haiti for many years.  It is not uncommon for the people we care for in Haiti to not have eaten for 2-3 (or more) days at the time we see them in our clinics.  I am taking a 3 day fast in solidarity with the poor Haitians who have been my patients and who continue to suffer from hunger, malnutrition, and the ravages of internationally-imposed structural violence. Dr. Evan Lyon, Zanmi Lasante/Partners In Health, Boston, Massachusetts.

The Justice & Witness Team at Bridgeport UCC has decided to support this campaign due to our recognition that enormous debt is at the heart of so many other problems from immigration, poverty, unjust development, and self-determination. We are compelled and called to lend our support! Eric Wergeland, Bridgeport United Church of Christ, Portland, Oregon.

Sept. 20
Poverty is the number one reason for the violence, injustice and degradation of so many in our world. Canceling these unjust debts is a major step toward righting the situation. Janet Gardner, Sisters of St. Francis of the Providence of God, Pittsburgh, PA.

Put an end to poverty. Veronica Mccormack, Sound Beach, New York.

Because I believe all people have an inalienable right to the necessities of life. Governments bogged down in debt cannot help their people obtain these rights. Ann Catherine Burger, Wichita, KS.

The debt is unfair as most people in the countries involved were not consulted nor educated as to what their country was doing.  Even now, Vulture groups are buying up what is left of the debt and demanding that the country is to pay the whole amount. Sister Catherine Markey, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

I am committed to erasing poverty throughout our world. Patricia Colla, West Hartford, Connecticut.

Sept. 19
I believe that our Christian faith leads us to join in a covenant community where no one lives a wealthy life at the expense of others. Sharon Jacobsen, Baltic, Ohio.

I am fasting to bear witness to injustice and to call for right relationships across the world.  I am fasting in solidarity with our international partners who are so bold in their witness against injustice. Rita Jankowska-Bradley, Jubilee Montana Network, Missoula, Montana.

Lenders require indebted countries to funnel money away from social services to pay off their debt.  Most of these countries have paid back what they borrowed and are inslaved to high interest rates.  Bad economic policy created these debts and they must be done away with. Jessica Ennis, Austin, Texas

Because I love Jubilee :) Jesse Hutchens, Denver, Colorado.

This witness has become the cry of prophets acting together to awaken the consciousness and conscience of the developed nations of the world.  Most have been unaware of the injustices their own countries are inflicting upon poor nations. May this witness continue to be a strong voice effecting justice and peace in our broken world.

The Jubilee effort is an important means for awakening the conscience of the developed nations of the world, who so often are oblivious to the realities of underdeveloped nations.  Rarely is the injustice done to them by our countries broadcast even to ourselves. May this prophetic voice and action become an effective means for justice and peace in this broken, deaf and blind world in which we exist. Sr.Elizabeth Riebschlaeger, CCVI, San Antonio, Texas

Sept. 18
I plan to liquid fast for one week to experience hunger. I think that the image of thousands of people fasting in the richest, most comfortable country in the world might surprise people, soften the hearts of our fellow citizens, and get them to broaden their vision and become world citizens. Robin Lloyd, Burlington, Vermont.

I live in the developing world, I have seen the impact of the debt on our effort to develop and improve human life status. Development will not be achieved for this generation if the debt is not canceled. Paul Mugo Maina, Nakuru, Kenya, Center for Development Services.

It's the right thing to do. Diane Lopez Hughes, Pax Christi Springfield, Illinois.

I expect that life for the poor in the poorest countries of the world will become increasingly difficult as a result of the impacts of HIV/AIDS, climate change, persistent war and violence and other issues. External debts should be canceled to free up as many resources as possible to help meet basic needs. I believe that people in these countries should determine the best uses of any funds available, not organizations such as the World Bank and IMF. Kathryn Shuman, Seattle, Washington.

In support and honor of our brothers & sisters across the globe who live in indebted countries, and in honor of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Karen Hordinski, Cincinatti, Ohio.

Sept. 17
This is an overdue gesture by our government and our religious community wants to be involved regarding issues that oppress and undermine the poor, suffering people of the world. Diane Traffas, Great Bend, Kansas.

We call ourselves a community of educators, and this is definitely one way to educate ourselves and others and to address one of the root causes of a lack of education for so many people. How can we not take part! Sister Jeanne Wingenter, St. Paul, Minnesota, School Sisters of Notre Dame

As a person of faith, I am called to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with my God. As a minister and Christian educator I will be encouraging my congregations to join the effort in a variety of ways. Debbie Roath, Marshall, Montana

I think it demonstrates the sense of sacrifice that is absolutely necessary to accomplish things - too often, people in this country expect things to go right without contributing any personal sacrifice.  My own fast is a mild and long one - I pledge to eat only one or two meals per day with no snacks in between.  For someone who likes to eat, this is a sacrifice for me, being less of an abstinence from nutrition as it is an abstinence from the pleasures of eating.  I am also 'fasting' from television during the same 41-day time period, as a way to sacrifice personal comfort without risking harm to my health. Shielding Cournoyer, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Canceling the debt of these countries is one of the most significant things we can do to eliminate global poverty. Ruth Milligan, Seattle, Washington.

Sept. 14
Cancellation of Third World ("Two-Thirds World") debt is a high priority to achieve greater justice in an out-of-balance world. I fast to shift the balance, to honor those who suffer unfairly and to urge First World ("One Third World") leaders to continue to cancel burdensome debt. Celeste Rossmiller, Denver, Colorado

As you do to the least of these my brothers and sisters you do to me. Sr. Mary Ramsay, La Crosse, Wisconsin

As a Member Congregation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, LCWR, I am signing for the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, U.S. Ontario Province. We are more than 600 Sisters and 450 Associates in the U.S. and Ontario, Canada. We will advertise the fast and encourage our Associates and Sisters to participate to the extent that they are able in both the fast and the various options suggested by the Jubilee Network. Thank you for including us in this effort. In peace, for justice. Jo'Ann De Quattro, Maryhurst, Oregon, Sisters of the Holy Names, U.S.-Ontario Province

I need to take action because it's the right thing to do. According to my faith, God tell us: "Feed my sheep." Feeding the hungry is related to debt relief. I was impressed by Jubilee's program when I attended an event sponsored by ONE (on activism). Dr. Karen Andrews, San Francisco, California

Jesus cared very much for the poor. I see this as one act that would influence the daily lives of millions of poor people around the globe. I want to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and use my influence to influence the decision makers who can make more debt cancellation happen! Mrs. Sally John, Indianapolis, Indiana

Sept. 13
I believe in mercy and justice, and this situation blatantly needs some! Mickie Fisher, Hyde Park, NY

I will fast to feel the hunger of too many people worldwide, and of my father who fasts for 40 days or more now. I will use all of the energy in me not spent to plan, eat, or digest food to reflect on how I can help others in this world, and about how I can live with less attachment and greed. Betsy Duncome, Brooksville, ME

I am fasting for the women I met in South Africa in 2003 and for the millions around the world who go hungry day after day. We can end poverty if we really want to, and the best way to start is by Canceling the Debt! Abbey Fisher, York, PA

Fasting and other forms of self-denial are appropriate in times of enormous disparity between rich and poor.  I believe this organized fast is a fit offering to God on behalf of the wealthy nations, as well as an effective tool to engage Congress in action to cancel the debts of poor countries. Sarah Turner, Alexandria, VA

I cannot ignore the plight of millions of people who are suffering in this world. Br. Michael Gosch, CSV. Arlington Heights, IL.

Sept. 12
I WANT THE WEST TO CANCEL AFRICAN DEBT. Rev. Elisha C.J. Agbugba, Trinity Penecostal Church, San Antonio, Texas

I want to show support and solidarity with all those who are fighting to eradicate poverty, economic, and racial discrimination. I strongly believe in what the Jubilee Network is doing and want to do what I can to move this important piece of legislation forward. Nicole Williams, Washington, D.C.

Jesus gives us the example of compassion. I need to be in solidarity with my sisters and brothers in this fast so others' needs can be attended to. Sister Elizabeth Kane, Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Aston, Pennsylvania

A Year of Jubilee seems the only way to extricate the United States of America from being a perpetrator of injustice. Ronald Fujiyoshi, Hilo, Hawaii

I am standing with my sisters and brothers in the Global South whose lives have been devastatingly impacted by the debt burden.  Much of the debt is odious; much of the debt has been repaid. It is time to bring the Jubilee vision of right relationships to fruition. I see the faces of the children in Kibera, Kenya in Africa - they are hopeful faces and they need us to cancel the debt to allow them the chance for schooling and healthy lives. Patricia Rumer, Portland, Oregon

This is a matter of justice. Catherine M. Holtkamp, Congregation of Divine Providence, Melbourne, Kentucky

I am joining this time of fast to bring Justice to the countries who need true justice practiced on their behalf. Mary Norbert Long, St. Mary-Basha Catholic School, Chandler, Arizona

Sept. 11
Our Sisters joined many other religious women's congregations in 1999 to support the Jubilee initiative. We are signing up 54 members in conjunction with the L.C.W.R. national conference. We have Sisters in Rwanda, the Dem. Rep of Congo and Tanzania directly serving the people there and aware of the great needs. Lisette Michaud, Wrentham, Massachusetts

In light of our congregational documents and our commitment to the U.N.'s Millennium Development Goals, we believe that we have a moral responsibility to work toward debt cancellation in impoverished countries. One of our actions on behalf of the Cancel Debt Fast is to collect donations which will be matched by congregational funds and then sent to Jubilee USA. Sr. Maureen O'Brien, Connecticut Province Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Windsor, Connecticut

We held an event in our store yesterday to help kick off the fast and are donating 25 percent of our sales. We'll be sending our signed plates through David Duncombe when friends visit later this month. Please take care of David, we love him and want him to come home. DeLona and Karen at Small Planet Trading, Hood River, Oregon

Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, with natural wonders ranging from Andean peaks to a tropical coast and the Amazon rainforest. The people here have no shortage of hospitality either. Unfortunately, it is also a country carrying a heavy burden of debt ($11 billion). Most of this money did not help the people or go toward protecting the natural environment here. Poverty has increased in the past 40 years during which the debt was accrued, and American oil companies have destroyed large swaths of the Amazon, killing and wounding thousands.

The new government under President Rafael Correa has made increasing social, health and environmental spending a large priority--in part by lessening the burden of its enormous and unjust debt with the world's first "Debt Audit Commission." Please stand in solidarity with Ecuador on this issue by supporting Jubilee USA/Montana in the Cancel Debt Fast this fall. Stuart Reiswig, University of Montana Graduate working in Ecuador; Jubilee Montana Coordinating Committee Member

Sept. 10
We join with others in fasting to cancel the debt so that our prayers, fasting and actions will compel the World Bank, IMF and developed countries to forgive the debt of so many poor countries around the world.  Eliminating their debts would enable these developing countries to move from strangling poverty to subsistence. Debt cancellation can restore the human dignity of persons who are poor; provide opportunities for education; health care; economic growth; and rural development. Debt eradication alleviates human suffering and advances justice for the most vulnerable and poorest persons in our world. Sr. Catherine Kreta, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Los Angeles Province

I have traveled with Witness For Peace to countries in Central and South America. Poor people are the real victims when the country's social programs and infrastructure are compromised by structural adjustment programs. If you want peace, work for justice. We all need to work for justice! Aleita Hass-Holcombe, Corvalis, Oregon

Sept. 7, 2007
I've put up information about Cancel Debt Fast in our breakroom here at work.  I received 22 plates to send to Sen. Salazar. Some co-workers are supporting me in my fast by: giving up soda, giving up candy, and also trying the fast themselves.  I have pledged to fast/water only for at least a week starting today. So far so good!! Crystal Espinoza, Fort Collins, Colorado, and her coworkers Joyce Patterson (no soda or fast food), Brandi Molin (fasting 3 days), Roberta Martinez (no T.V.), Travis Thompson (no caffeine)

I expect my relatively small sacrifices will serve as a constant reminder of the struggle of many of the world's people, which is painful, but also the solidarity of those who do not accept this suffering, which is joyous. Kolleen Bouchane, RESULTS U.S., Washington D.C.

Sept. 6, 2007
I have personally witnessed the poverty and depression of the people of Jamaica. Although Jamaica is not included in this effort, I can appreciate the desperate need of people to be able to keep their heads above water without sacrificing basic human needs and rights.  I pray that more nations can someday be included in debt reduction/elimination efforts. Thank you for all that is being done to make debt elimination a reality. Karen Dare-Gentile, New Jersey

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