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Linking Our Voices


Join us this year in our Linking Our Voices Campaign. Building on last year's Change, Not Chains we continue to call for debt cancellation and a new system for international lending and borrowing.

Stop the Vulture Culture

Stop the Vulture Culture

Through the Stop the Vulture Culture Campaign, Africa Action, Jubilee USA Network, and TransAfrica Forum are working to halt the usurious practices of Vulture Funds.

Join Our Change Not Chains Campaign

February 18 - It is time for global change - time for a global economy that works for all. It is time to break the chains of international debt to fight poverty and injustice.

Join Jubilee USA in our Change, Not Chains Week of Action to urge the Obama administration to support expanded debt cancellation and tell Congress to pass the Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending & Expanded Debt Cancellation.

Tell the Treasury Secretary What's On Your Heart

Winter/Spring, 2009 - Almost 10,000 of your homemade hearts, postcards, and online messages have already arrived in our office as part of our What's On Your Heart Campaign.

President Obama and his new economic team, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, are facing down a growing economic crisis and recession in the United States.

But while we must work for economic justice at home, we must also not forget our brothers and sisters across the globe in this time of need.  That’s why Jubilee USA launched its What’s On Your Heart? Campaign.

As the book of Matthew tells us, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also..."  As the Torah reminds us, "Do not close your heart or shut your hand from your poor brother."

We have been collecting hand-written notes on hearts, postcards, and online letters from you to Treasury Secretary Geithner telling him which Jubilee issues are on your heart in this time of crisis. A group of religious leaders is working to get a meeting with Secretary Geithner to discuss the impact of the financial crisis on the world's poor and to deliver your messages.

  •     VISIT What's on Your Heart Main Page

Update on IMF Reform

June 22, 2009 - Congress has been busy debating the inclusion of $100 billion for the International Monetary Fund and the authority to sell IMF gold in the war supplemental bill. Last month, leadership by Senator Brown (D-OH), as well as Senators Lugar (R-IN)  and Leahy (D-VT) resulted in attempts to amend the spending package to  reduce its potential for harm. Read the press release here.

Thanks to everyone who have made calls in these past weeks to support IMF reform!

If IMF funds are approved, Congress must tell the IMF to stop pushing contractionary policies on poor countries during a recession and to live up to its commitment to stop requiring wage ceilings and budget caps limiting countries' ability to hire and retain vital teachers and doctors.

  • DOWNLOAD Jubilee's new report: Leveraging the IMF’s Pots of Gold for the Benefit of Low Income Countries
  • READ a letter from 70 organizations sent to US Congress on May 1st supporting a more democratic process for IMF money and significant reform
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