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Voices of Esther

Be an Esther in the global community - raise your voice with our Voices of Esther Postcards

"You have been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this..." Esther 4:14

The Book of Esther tells the story of a woman who used her access to power to save her people from certain death, even at the risk of losing her own life.

Before Esther married King Xerxes and became Queen of Persia, she was an orphaned Israelite who had been adopted by a generous cousin.  King Xerxes was unaware of Esther's origin, and so made the decision to kill the Israelites.  Afraid though she was to approach her husband, Esther revealed her identity and spoke on behalf of her people, including her cousin that had raised her from childhood.

"I will do all I can to change this.  Even if it means that I am killed.  Please ask my people to pray for me."

Esther's willingness to sacrifice her life for her people moved King Xerxes, and the Israelites were saved from death because of her brave words.  Both Esther's access to speak with the King and bravery to use that access in the face of injustice makes her an advocate for those vulnerable people who are unable to speak for themselves. 

The Voices of Esther Campaign

Like Esther, United States citizens have access to powerful decision makers that affect the lives of millions around the world.  We must use our privilege of living in a democracy and raise up the voices of the most vulnerable through our own advocacy efforts.

This spring and summer, Jubilee is launching the Voices of Esther Campaign to do just that.

The economic crisis is still hitting low-incomes hard, global debt crises are throwing poor country economies into chaos, and food prices in the poorest nations are on the rise again.  President Obama and the US Congress must continue to make policies that improve the lives of the global poor.

Use your voice as a Jubilee activist and urge the United States to expand life-giving debt cancellation and create standards for responsible lending and borrowing.  In this way, we can help establish a just economic system that serves the needs of the poor now, while paving the way for a more stable, accountable, and transparent international financial environment.

How to Raise Your Voice

You and members of your community can get involved in our Voices of Esther campaign in many ways.

Mobilize members of your community to sign out Voices of Esther postcards for powerful policymakers.  Set up a table after your church service or event and ask everyone to fill out a card

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Ask the head of your religious community to sign on to our 1,000 Faith Leaders Initiative Letter.  Jubilee is mobilizing more than a thousand diverse religious leaders from across the country to send a letter to President Obama about expanded debt cancellation and responsible finance.

  • SHOW the 1,000 Faith Leaders letter to your own Faith Leader today

Educate yourself and your community with our new Voices of Esther adult and children's lessons.  You can help grow the Jubilee movement by engaging the next generation on these issues.

  • HOLD a Voices of Esther bible school or religious education lesson today

Meet with your Member of Congress in their district office so they know that you care about the world’s most vulnerable people.  Organize others in your community to join you in this meeting and discuss debt cancellation and responsible finance. 

  • CONTACT your Member of Congress today
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