Withstanding the Next Storm: Resilient Economies Require Resilient Tools to Weather Financial Crisis and Natural Disaster

October 12, 2018
2:00-3:00 pm
Annual IMF/World Bank Meetings
Room Surabaya - 
Bali International Conference Center (BICC)
Bali, Indonesia


Eric LeCompte, Executive Director, Jubilee USA Network 


Honorable Minister Jean-Marie Ogandaga, Minister of Economy, Gabon
Aldo Caliari, Senior Advisor, G-24 International Monetary Affairs and Development
Augusto Zampini Davies, Director of Development and Faith, Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development, Holy See (Vatican)
Patricia Miranda, Coordinator of Finance for Development, Latindadd
Sean Nolan, Deputy Director in the Strategy, Policy and Review Department, International Monetary Fund

Increasing extreme weather events are causing suffering and economic devastation throughout the
developing world. Discussions at the G7, United Nations Forum on Financing for Development and
various regional government fora are exploring tools for innovative finance to offer relief when
natural disaster strikes. Recent reports from the International Monetary Fund, the UN Conference
on Trade and Development and the Vatican highlight concerns about potential economic shocks,
increasing debt vulnerabilities, shadow finance and possible financial crisis. Some examples of
recent initiatives and proposals the session will explore include hurricane clauses, debt payment
moratoriums, model law, budget and revenue transparency provisions and natural-disaster triggered
debt restructuring.

Sponsors: Jubilee USA Network, Latindadd

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