Jubilee Weekend 2019

We need your faith community to pray with us and help us move Congress to shine a light on the abuses of anonymous shell companies.

Here are two ways to participate in Jubilee Weekend 2019:

1.) Sign-up your faith community to offer one prayer during your religious service the weekend of October 18th - 21st. Join Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other faith communities as we pray for transparency legislation to protect the vulnerable. You can find sample prayers, petitions and service resources in our Jubilee Weekend 2019 packet here.

2.) Please have your faith community members send messages to Congress asking them to support the Corporate Transparency Act. You can

  • Send your Members of Congress emails through our website here 
  • Print our petition here and send it to us at Jubilee so we can deliver the signatures to Congress
  • Print and send our postcard to us to be delivered to Congress here
  • or contact kate@jubileeusa.org for help writing a letter of endorsement for the Corporate Transparency Act from your faith community. 

You can participate in one or all of these actions and you are welcome to take action multiple times. 

At Jubilee USA's core, we work on economic policies to ensure that resources get to the most vulnerable communities. It's why for years we've worked with our national faith partners on corporate transparency to make sure debt relief and aid are protected from corruption. We still have a lot of work to win strong transparency measures to stop shell companies from facilitating crimes like human trafficking, theft of development and debt relief aid, drug trafficking, the opioid crisis, terrorism and so much more. It's why we need your help pushing Congress to move this much-needed legislation.

If you have any questions, contact Jubilee USA Network by email at kate@jubileeusa.org or by phone at (202) 783-3566 x105 or (503) 936-7553.




You can see the list of congregations participating in Jubilee Weekend 2019 here (coming soon).