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Andrew Hanauer

Andrew Hanauer is the Campaigns Director for Jubilee USA Network.  Andrew represents Jubilee in policy meetings with the White House, Congress, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and partner organizations, NGOs and faith communities. Andrew also represents Jubilee frequently at congressional briefings, IMF workshops and to the press.

Andrew leads Jubilee's grassroots outreach efforts. Since he joined Jubilee, Andrew has grown the organization's grassroots faith network 40 percent and its network coalition 16%. Andrew has successfully built partnerships with Episcopal, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, UCC, Evangelical and Lutheran Christian communities; Conservative, Reform and non-denominational Jewish communities and major Islamic organizations.


Andrew has more than a decade of experience working for the common good. He has worked for three Presidential campaigns, a major public interest organization and serves on the Board of Directors of a charitable organization that funds school fees for children in East Africa. His views on policy and financial reform appear in news outlets such as Al Jazeera, Pacifica RadioCommon Dreams and The Washington Free Beacon.

Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewHanauer.


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