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Building an economy serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. 

Join Jubilee Congregations Program, Today!

Once you become a Jubilee Congregation, you will receive a beautiful and colorful banner to hang in your community space and your community will be recognized on our website.  You will also receive a packet of teaching and guided resources that include textual references for study and reflection, suggestions for programs in your synagogue, mosque or church, social justice readings and prayer selections and more.  This additional packet will include a list of a range of activities for sustained involvement in Jubilee efforts and general ideas which can be adapted to your specific context.

We will know that you have formally become a Jubilee Congregation registration when we receive your form (or a letter) indicating that your congregation wants to join, together with your financial commitment.

This commitment should be made payable to Jubilee USA Network and should be sent to our National office at:

Jubilee USA Network
222 East Capital Street NE
Washington, DC 20003

Remember, on your registration form or in a letter include:

  •     Name
  •     Address
  •     Phone
  •     E-mail of your contact person.

The Contact Person will be your link to the ongoing Jubilee Movement and the key to a stimulating local congregational program.

If there is a local or regional Jubilee group in your community, we will send a portion of this donation to the group. The percentage of the gift that goes to the local group depends on the capacity of the group to absorb the resources and the financial need of the local group.

The Jubilee Congregation coordinators in the Washington office will be in touch with the contact person from your community. If you have questions or need any additional resources, please contact the office. In addition we have a special section of our website dedicated to Jubilee Congregations where you can see where other congregations are located and get news and reports from their experiences. You can also find additional resources on our website.

Through Jubilee Congregations, your community can turn its religious beliefs and traditions into action and make a difference in the lives of people around the world.  We hope that Jubilee Congregations can become a network of faith-based advocacy in which diverse bodies of faith communities encourage each other in this work.

There is an Ethiopian proverb that says, "When spider webs unite, they can entangle a lion."  When people of faith join together for a purpose, a holy purpose that has roots in each faith tradition, we can turn the tides of economic injustice, challenge harmful and destructive polices and advance a prophetic vision of fairness, equality and hope for the world's poor.

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