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Building an economy serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. 

Policy Resources

Jubilee USA provides one-page resource documents for grassroots and faith communities. These documents offer summaries of our work and are perfect for sharing with people interested in learning more about Jubilee.

To access these documents, simply click on an issue area below. You can then print the PDF version of the document or share the link by email or on social media. More documents will be available soon.

Jubilee USA: Who We Are

Anonymous Shell Companies

Payday Lending

Corporate Tax Avoidance

Debt Relief Works

An International Bankruptcy System

Reforming International Financial Institutions

Responsible Lending and Borrowing

Student Debt

Trade Policies that Promote the Common Good

Vulture Funds


Below you will find PDF versions of our media work on a range of issues:

Ebola Debt Relief

- Voice of America (3/6/15)

- Financial Times (3/5/15)

- Marketplace NPR (3/5/15)

- Wall Street Journal (3/5/15)

- Reuters (3/5/15)

- National Catholic Reporter (3/5/15)

- International Business Times (11/14/14)

- Inter Press Service News Agency (11/13/14)

 "Vulture Funds"

- New York Times (12/31/14)

- Financial Times (11/26/14)

- The Guardian (9/2/14)

- Marketplace (7/31/14)

- Wall Street Journal (6/16/14)

 Illicit Financial Flows

- Voice of America (12/17/14)

- International Business Times (12/16/14)

- Inter Press Service News Agency (12/16/14)


- International Business Times (4/2/15)

- Valuewalk (1/29/15)

- Valuewalk (1/26/15)

- Financial Times (1/26/15)

Jubilee at the Vatican

- Catholic News Service (6/6/14)

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