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Jubilee USA High-Level IMF Debt Panel

After SCOTUS: Next Steps in Sovereign Debt Restructuring

Thursday, 9th of October, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
World Bank, I Building, Room I 2 – 250, 1850 I St. NW, Washington DC


In the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decisions in Argentina v. NML and Argentina’s subsequent default, sovereign debt has emerged as a critical issue for global policymakers. This session brings together a wide range of viewpoints to review practical proposals to remedy the challenges created by the SCOTUS decisions and to make future sovereign debt workouts more effective, efficient and equitable.




Welcoming Remarks:

Brett House, Senior Fellow

Jeanne Sauvé Foundation




Eric LeCompte, Executive Director

Jubilee USA Network




Sean Hagan, General Counsel & Director

International Monetary Fund


Benu Schneider, Senior Economic Affairs Officer



William Ledward, Senior VP & Portfolio Manager

Franklin Templeton


Martin Brooke, Division Head

Bank of England 


Jeremy Pam, Visiting Scholar

Columbia University



Please RSVP to Jenny Hyun at operations(at)jubileeusa.org.

Attendees who are not registered for the IMF/World Bank CSO meetings must RSVP by

4:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 7, in order to be cleared through IMF/World Bank security procedures.

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