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Building an economy serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. 

Stand Up and Take Action!

On the weekend of October 9th - 11th, 2015, join hands with supporters around the world, as one collective whole, to stand up for a global economy that works for everyone.


More than 1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty. Poor countries are paying five times as much in debt as they are receiving in aid, taking resources away from vulnerable communities. Corruption drains nearly one trillion dollars each year from developing countries - money that could be invested in health, education and infrastructure development. This lost revenue forces countries to take out more loans, perpetuating the debt cycle. Meanwhile, the people most impacted by global economic policies are often least likely to have input in those policies.

On this Jubilee Weekend, stand up for transparency in the financial system by calling for greater transparency at the International Monetary Fund and structures to stop financial secrecy.


No matter where you'll be on October 9-11, you can join our Stand Up and Take Action!  You can stand up in your class on Friday, at a Saturday night potluck dinner, at your church's worship service, in your college cafeteria... be creative or keep it simple. More information about actions, events and these critical financial transparency issues coming soon.

Step 1: Choose a location and time and begin gathering the community

Plan the event for the week of action - October 9-11 - to join communities around the world taking action. Aim to have a diverse group of people present for the event.

For local area contacts, contact the Jubilee Office at (202) 783-3566 x105 or [email protected]

Step 2: Designate a facilitator

Choose someone who will to be the main speaker to introduce the topics and facilitate the movie or workshop.

Afterwards they should invite the community eat food, engage in dialogue and encourage each person to join our action (see more below).  

The person responsible for heading the event will be _______________.

The person responsible for coordinating potluck, food and beverages for after activities will be _______________.

The person responsible for coordinating the action will be _______________.

Step 3: Getting the Word Out

Once you have everything in place for the event, you will need to spread the word so that people will be able to attend. There are several ways to advertise the event:

Post printed fliers in neighborhoods and stores and on public bulletin and community email boards

Call as many people as you can about the upcoming event and ask them to tell any one they know who might be interested in attending. Remember to call a few weeks before the event and then again the week before!

Contact Jubilee for a list of Jubilee supporters in your area and for help to be sure that your event is well attended

The people responsible for contacting different communities will be:

1. _______________

2. _______________

3. _______________

4. _______________

Step 4: Community Report Back

After the event, be sure to have at least one person responsible for following up with interested individuals and another individual to send connect with the Jubilee Office to either send your pictures and/or action to the main office in DC. Plan to have a dinner and celebration with all who helped to plan the successful event to talk about what went well, what could have been better and next steps in maintaining the new community relations.

The following person will be responsible for following up with interested individuals by phone/email:  _______________

The following person will be responsible for connecting with the Jubilee Office:  _______________

The following person will be sure to help connect and organize a follow up meeting with all who helped organize the successful event:  _______________

Our Stand Up and Take Action! Pledge

We stand now, with millions around the world, on this symbolic day to show our commitment to the fight against extreme poverty and inequality. 

We stand now because we refuse to accept more excuses in a world where 50,000 people die every day as a result of extreme poverty. 

We stand now because we value the lives of all people. 

We stand because we believe that debt cancellation and the creation of more just economic policies are essential to bringing an end to global poverty and renewal of right relationships between peoples. 

Today, and every day, we will stand up and take action against poverty. We will continue to work to protect and promote participation of the most vulnerable. We will continue to work to fight against poverty and injustice throughout the world.

We stand with millions of others around the world to say: 

End poverty now!

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