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We Did It!

Jubilee USA sings peace songs for economic justice in front of the White House just after hanging paper chains.

With your messages for economic justice, we've called the Obama Administration to action during the 2010 IMF/World Bank Annual Fall Meetings.  The thousands of paper chains and diverse group of activists brought out the media in droves.

IMF/World Bank Teach In

Join us the night before "Break the Chains-Transform the System" and learn more about why we are marching for economic justice.

The IMF/World Bank Teach in will cover the issues that keep impoverished countries trapped in cycles of debt, such as IMF and World Bank policies that put profits over people:

IMF/World Bank Teach In
When: Thursday, October 7th, 7pm
Where: Lutheran Church of the Reformation 212 East Capitol Street, Washington DC

Topics Include:

  • The IMF and Harsh Conditionalities - Bhumika Muchhala (Third World Network), and Soren Ambrose (ActionAid International)
  • Climate Justice and the World Bank - Janet Redman (Institute for Policy Studies)
  • Solutions for an End to Unjust Debt - Collins Magalasi (African Forum and Network on Debt and Development)

Break the Chains! Transform the System!

March for Economic Justice

Join us!
When: Friday, October 8 at 12pm
Where: Murrow Park (Across from the IMF), Washington D.C.

Join us on October 8th as we march from the World Bank to the White House to break the chains of debt and end unjust economic policies in a demonstration during the World Bank/IMF Annual Fall Meetings.

10 years ago, 70,000 people gathered in Birmingham to break the chains of debt once and for all. They held hands and formed a human chain - representing the millions of people around the world enslaved by the debt burden carried by their countries.  Their voices were heard - In 2005, the richest countries and financial institutions agreed to expand debt cancellation. Today over $100 billion of debt has been cancelled in 29 countries

The Time to Break the Chains of Economic Injustice is Now

This year holds significance in many ways: it is the 10th anniversary of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative, and we only have five years left to achieve the Millennium Development Goals to halve global poverty. It is time, once again, to mobilize for economic justice and the fight against poverty.

The rally begins at Murrow Park, followed by a march to the White House.  We will carry paper chains from around the country and globe, demanding that President Obama break the chains of debt once and for all.

Our Call to Action:

An end to harmful conditionalities.
IMF and World Bank conditions forced Zambia to limit public spending by freezing new hires and employee wages.  This left the country short 9,000 desperately needed teachers. The IMF's requirement to lower trade barriers also resulted in the loss of 30,000 jobs in their textile industry.

Transparency and Accountability in Lending Practices.
Today the majority of Congolese citizens live on less than a dollar a day.  Yet, the Congolese government must pay hundreds of millions of dollars to the IMF and World Bank every year to pay back interest fees and loans recklessly borrowed by former dictator Mobutu and used for personal gain and oppression of the Congolese people.

An end to financing projects that harm the environment.
This year the World Bank approved a $3 billion dollar loan to fund a coal power plant in South Africa.

The march will begin the Global Week of Action Against Illegitimate Debt and International Financial Institutions. Jubilee USA is joining 297 organizations and over 90 countries to work towards economic justice for the world’s poorest from October 7-17.  

JOIN US at the mobilization.  Register here

CAN'T ATTEND? If you can’t join us in DC you can make your own chain and we'll link your voice.  Send it to Jubilee USA, 212 East Capitol St NE, Washington D.C. 20003                                                                                 

Read Jubilee USA's report on the IMF from our October 5th Congressional Briefing.

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