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The Cancel Debt Fast has ended, but you can still use the resources for your grassroots actions and to tell more people in your community to urge their Members of Congress to support the Jubilee Act in the House (HR 2634) and Senate (S 2166)!

40-Day Fast Ends; New Senate Bill Announced

Oct. 16, Washington, D.C. -- Rev. David Duncombe, a United Church of Christ minister from Washington state, broke his 40-day fast during a prayer breakfast on Capitol Hill this morning as the introduction of new Senate companion legislation to the Jubilee Act (S 2166).

Rev. Duncombe was joined by Representatives Spencer Bachus (R-AL), Donald Payne (D-NJ), Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Emmanuel Cleaver (D-MO), each of whom broke their own one-day fasts for the legislation.

The introduction of a new Senate companion bill sponsored by Senators Robert Casey (D-PA), Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Chris Dodd (D-CT) was also announced.  Senators Joseph Biden (D-DE), John Sununu (R-NH), and Barack Obama (D-IL) are original co-sponsors of the legislation. MORE

Make the Call Against Debt

Although our Oct. 17 Call-In Day Against Debt has ended, you can still make the call to your senators and representatives about the Jubilee Act. In the House, the Jubilee Act is HR 2634. In the Senate, the Jubilee Act is S 2166. The Senate version of the Jubilee Act was introduced Oct. 16 by Senators Casey (D-PA), Lugar (R-IN) and Dodd (D-CT) with Senators Biden (D-DE), Sununu (R-NH), and Obama (D-IL). But we need your help to get this bill off to a strong start!


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1980 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Adolfo Perez Esquivel fasted Sept. 6. Esquivel sent us a letter discussing what his fast commitment means and what the people in the Global South deserve. Read his message, then learn about the prominent endorsers of the Cancel Debt Fast.

Every week day we feature comments from Cancel Debt Fast participants. Today's "commentary" comes from Melinda Thompson in Maryland, Jesse Burkhardt in Washington, Amanda Edris in Pennsylvania, Mary Strimel in Virginia, and Anne Richard in Florida MORE

So, you haven't registered for the fast, but want to. Or you've already registered and want to find out more info about the Training & Lobby Days. Or maybe you'd like a scholarship to come to D.C. It could just be that you want to help us celebrate Jubilee's 10th Anniversary. This is your portal to it all. MORE

Use the power of an empty plate with our Collection of Plates action to show your commitment to economic justice. Find out other ways to get involved in Cancel Debt Fast activities. MORE

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