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Your paper plates will be delivered to your Senators and Representative by Rev. David Duncombe as he walks the halls of Congress as part of this fall's 40-day Cancel Debt Fast. Rev. Duncombe will begin an open-ended fast for debt cancellation on September 6. As he fasts, Rev. Duncombe will walk the halls of Congress, urging lawmakers to support the Jubilee Act.

To download, right-click the file name and save to your computer's hard drive.

Don't know your Members of Congress? Visit www.senate.gov and www.house.gov or contact Brian Swarts at brian(at)jubileeusa.org or 202.441.6763 for more information.

Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email address to prove that you are a constituent and to enable your member of Congress to respond to your message.

Mail your plates to the Jubilee USA Network by October 15, 2007 to:
Jubilee USA Network
Cancel Debt Fast
212 E. Capitol St. NE Washington, DC 20003

Plate Action Step-By-Step Guide

Once you've made your plate, you can organize a "Collection of Plates" in your community! Organize a "Collection of Plates" in 5 easy steps:

STEP 1 Gather paper plates or white paper, markers, tape or glue, and, if you wish, download the templates from the Jubilee website!

STEP 2 Publicize upcoming Cancel Debt Fast & the plate collection by making an announcement in local churches, meetings, classes, wherever you will be collecting plates! You can order free outreach brochures from Jubilee USA by contacting Nathan Fishman at nathan(at)jubileeusa.org.

STEP 3 Find creative ways to get people to put messages on plates:
 o Set up a table after a religious service
 o Help youth in your faith community or local school decorate plates
 o Set up a table at local community or faith event
 o Don't forget to have folks include their name and contact info on the plates so that the member of Congress will see that they are a constituent.

STEP 4 If you'd like, take pictures of your community displaying your Plate Collection, then submit them online to monet cooper at monet(a)jubileeusa.org. We'll feature your pics on the Jubilee website!

STEP 5 Send your Collection of Plates to the Jubilee office by October 15, 2007:

Jubilee USA Network
Cancel Debt Fast
212 E Capitol St NE
Washington, DC 20003

Send your plates earlier if possible so that we can be sure to deliver them by  October 20!


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