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2007 Grassroots Conference Workshops

This year's grassroots conference will bring together nearly 200 Jubilee supporters and economic justice activists from across the United States. In addition to speakers and performers, the conference will include a range of exciting workshops. You won't want to miss any of the more than two dozen workshops that will take place:

  • An Activist's Toolbox: Grassroots Organizing for Global Economic Justice
  • Understanding the IMF, the World Bank and "Structural Adjustment Programs"
  • Steeples, Synagogues, and Temples: Organizing Within Faith Communities
  • Making the Connections: International Debt and Global AIDS
  • The Inside Story on Doing Effective Media Work
  • International Debt 101 and 201
  • More 'Inconvenient Truths': Debt, Oil & Global Warming
  • Meeting Your MOC: Grassroots Lobbying & Advocacy
  • Anti-Oppression Training
  • Unjust, Unfair, and Still Legal!: On Vulture Funds and Other Threats to Debt Cancellation
  • China on the African Continent
  • Speak Out: An Open Mic for Poetry & Protest
  • Race to 2015: Debt, Trade, and the Millennium Development Goals
  • Celebrating Our Victories: Debt Cancellation Works!
  • Border Crossings: The Push and Pull of Debt, Trade & Immigration
  • Country Case Studies: Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, and Zambia
  • Answering the Hard Questions: Educating Your Community on Debt, Trade and Global Poverty
  • Banks of the South: Emerging Alternatives to the IMF and World Bank
  • "Debt of the Dictators" film screening and discussion
  • Debt and Global Apartheid
  • "The Resource Curse": Extractive Industry & Economic Justice
  • Ecological Debt and Environmental Justice
  • Art and Resistance
  • Getting Ready for Campaign '08: Bird-Dogging, Candidate Forums and More
  • Train the Trainer: Organizing a Sabbath Economics Study Group in your Community
  • Economic Justice for Haiti! - Film Screening and Discussion

Workshop slots are still available! 

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