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2008 Grassroots Conference Workshop List

All participants will attend one of these three on Saturday morning

  • Jubilee Local Groups: Bringing Jubilee Home
  • Jubilee Congregations: Organizing on Faith
  • Jubilee Swing States: Making debt and Treasury an issue in ’08 


  • Meeting Your MOC: Grassroots Lobbying and Advocacy
  • The Inside Story: Doing Grassroots Media Work
  • Fueling a Movement: Tips for Grassroots Fundraising
  • Changing Your Community: Organizing Teach-ins and House Parties
  • Bring it Home: Starting a Local Group or JC
  • Art & Resistance


  • Debt 101 Introduction to Debt
  • Debt 201 Building on What You Know
  • Making Trade Fair
  • Understanding IMF, World Bank and Conditionality
  • Stand Against Poverty: Reaching the Millennium Development Goals Together
  • Debt & the Diaspora: Economic Justice & Immigration
  • Robbing the Poor: Strategies to End Vulture Funds
  • Jubilee Act Case Study: How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • Country Case Studies: Haiti & Zambia
  • North-South Solidarity: Building a Global Movement for Economic Justice
  • More Than A Band-Aid: Connecting Debt & Global AIDS
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