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Too many of the world's poor children starve needlessly or go without education because too many impoverished nations -- even after the laudable debt relief provided to date -- are still funneling scarce resources to multilateral banks instead of paying for needs at home. - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

As the United States struggles to recover from the economic crisis, impoverished countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America face a triple threat: the current global economic crisis comes on top of an existing debt crisis and a food crisis that has been raging for the past year.  Millions of people have lost the means to feed themselves and their families, and dozens of countries face the possibility of social unrest due to lack of access to basic necessities.  Come explore the connections between what we are feeling at home and its connection to how it feels abroad.   Debt cancellation for the world's impoverished countries is part of the solution!

You are invited to join Jubilee USA Network for a day of inspiring speakers, educational workshops, and advocacy training sessions on international debt relief as a tool to fight global poverty. The conference will feature a leading African civil society advocate along with national and local experts and advocates on global hunger and poverty issues.

The conference will explore the potential of debt relief to fight poverty in poor countries, and the biblical Jubilee call for debt cancellation and right relationships among peoples and nations.  The conference will also include skill-building workshops on effective advocacy and building a global justice ministry in your church or community.  Join us to broaden your understanding of our place in the world's global village!

When: October 24, 2009, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Where: Angie Smith Chapel, Watson Lounge, Oklahoma City University, 2501 North Blackwelder, Oklahoma City, OK

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