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If You Are Published

If your letter is published, please send the original newsprint cut out from the newspaper to the Jubilee USA Network office. Please also send the newspaper’s masthead, which is the banner on the top of the front page carrying the name of the newspaper. We will use these to format your letter nicely and reproduce it. If you send us a photocopy or a fax of your letter to the editor, it will not reproduce nearly as well as the original.

Members of Congress subscribe to local newspapers in their districts. If you mention your legislators by name, it is likely that they will see your letter to the editor. However, you should mail or fax them a copy, along with a brief cover letter, to reinforce your message.

What to do With Your News Stories

Politicians monitor local press, as it gives an indication of public opinion on current issues. But just to make sure they get the message, send a copy of any articles that are published in the press, with a letter, to the relevant decision-makers.

Make sure to let the Jubilee USA Network office know about the press you are generating!

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