Jubilee USA
Building an economy serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. 

Why Measure Up?

In 2008 we have an historic opportunity to break the chains of debt and change the lives of millions. The Jubilee Act is the single most important piece of debt legislation in the past seven years and it is one of the most widely supported anti-poverty bills in Congress. Together, we can make history by passing the Jubilee Act this year! 

To achieve this historic goal Jubilee USA has launched the Measure Up! Rule out Debt! campaign, calling on Congress to measure up to our national commitment to address extreme poverty by ruling out debt as a contributing factor.   

The goal of the Measure Up! campaign is to gain more co-sponsors for the Jubilee Act in the House and Senate and achieve passage before the end of the legislative session.

There are only 55 working days on Congress

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