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Trevor Moono

Trevor Moono is a research associate for Jubilee USA Network. He is based in Lusaka, Zambia in Southern Africa, and is looking to further his studies in economics and statistics at a university yet to be determined. Trevor has worked on a brief consultancy with EIU Canback in an economic study of the Zambian beverage and alcoholic industry in Lusaka and with the University of Zambia economics department in various projects, most recently the end line survey for the World Bank-funded Results Based Financing Project. Trevor also served at the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development as an intern economist and data analyst.

Trevor has worked as a youth chairperson for the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Monze diocese in Zambia, undertaking various charitable, sports and fundraising ventures.

Originally from Choma, Zambia, Trevor attended Mukasa Minor Seminary Secondary School, and graduated from the University of Zambia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and minor in Statistics and Probability. Trevor enjoys reading, sight-seeing nature, painting, teaching microeconomics and mathematics and playing soccer and volleyball.

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