Eric LeCompte

For more than 20 years, Eric LeCompte has led religious groups to win policies that alleviate poverty, address global conflict and promote human rights.‎ He is the Executive Director of Jubilee USA Network, a development coalition of more than 650 religious groups and US organizations. Learn more about Eric here


Kate Zeller

Kate Zeller is the Campaigns Director at Jubilee USA. She leads Jubilee USA’s grassroots outreach efforts and develops and implements advocacy strategies to achieve the organization’s campaign goals. Kate oversees a national grassroots outreach campaign to increase participation in the Jubilee Congregations program, representing the organization in meetings with faith communities, as well as an organized outreach effort to increase the size of Jubilee USA’s national Network Council. She participates in policy and advocacy meetings, prepares written communications and development materials and acts as a liaison with between Jubilee USA and many national and local partners.

Jason Shen 

Jason Shen serves as the Policy Associate for Jubilee USA Network. He supports Jubilee’s campaign priorities by researching, writing, advocating, and contributing to policy education. Jason is an international student from China, and currently a senior at Concordia College. Jason majors in global studies, with a concentration on World in Dialogue. Jason is interested in poverty issues and he believes all humans should have access to food, water, education, security, basic services, and opportunities to be successful not because of the birth lottery of which country we are from but because we are all human.

Iuliia Ponomareva

Iuliia Ponomareva is the Development and Executive Associate for Jubilee USA Network where she supports overall office operations, fundraising, grant applications and direct mail outreach. She is originally from Smolensk, Russia and has spent the last three years in Hickory, North Carolina, where she is currently a senior at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Iuliia is majoring in International Relations with a minor in journalism. She is particularly interested in non-profit organizations that help countries all over the world to protect and support their citizens, giving everyone an opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Kalman Pajor

Kalman Pajor is the Communications Associate for Jubilee USA Network. He supports the efforts of Jubilee through media outreach, social media, and communication strategy. He graduated in May of 2018 from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a degree in International Studies focusing on conflict, peace, and diplomacy, and French. Kalman grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Kalman is interested in international relations and politics. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and dogs.


Hannah Schneider

Hannah Schneider is the Outreach Associate for Jubilee USA Network. Hannah works with the campaign director to coordinate outreach efforts and the strengthening of the Jubilee network, as well as operations regarding campaign strategy. She is a senior at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia and studies philosophy and Spanish. Hannah currently lives in North Carolina, but grew up in Los Angeles. Hannah spent the summer of 2018 working at a homeless shelter in Roanoke, Virginia and is passionate about understanding and alleviating both the national and international problem of poverty. Hannah enjoys running, spending time with her family, and engaging in her community.