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Asume Osuoka

Asume Osuoka (Nigeria) is the Energy and Mining Program Manager at Environmental Rights Action (Friends of the Earth, Nigeria). He has for almost a decade worked assiduously to mobilize Niger Delta communities that are negatively impacted by oil and gas exploitation activities and led the effort to develop monitoring and advocacy programs in support of change in policy and practice of oil corporations, governments and allied international finance institutions.

Asume has been promoting the exchange of experiences and solidarity building in sub-Saharan Africa as coordinator of Oilwatch Africa, a network of communities, human rights and environment NGOs that are struggling against the abuses of the oil and gas industries and governments in the countries of the region. An avid campaigner and organizer for democratic change in Nigeria, Mr. Osuoka continues to experience threats and harassment from state security agents. In 1998, he was held by the military regime of General Sani Abacha for over a month without charge or trial, and was released only after the death of the dictator.

Starting in December 2006, Osuoka will be working with Social Action, a project for education, mobilization and solidarity for communities and activists for environmental justice and democracy in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea.

Asume is a speaker for the "New Energy for Debt Cancellation" leg of the Global Connections Tour.

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