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Illegitimate Debt Week

October 8-16

Jubilee groups from all around the world are coming together for a week of action against illegitimate debt and reforming international financial institutions. We are demanding global debt justice by breaking the chains of debt slavery!

To learn more about how you can get involved contact Jeremy Weyl at jeremy(at)jubileeusa.org or call 202.783.0214.

Resources coming soon!

Check out our partners' websites:

Jubilee Debt Campaign, UK:

Jubilee Debt Campaign is a coalition, with over 80 national organizations in its membership, as well as local and regional groups. These organizations provide vital support to the debt campaign.

Jubilee South:

Jubilee South is a broad-based, pluralistic network of popular organizations, social movements, religious groups and debt campaigns in over 50 countries of Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Founded in 1999, the network and global South movement is part of the struggle of peoples everywhere to build a just  world, overcoming capitalism and imperialism. Its special contribution is to give voice, leadership, and strength to South peoples in the struggle against debt domination. Jubilee South action is based on the recognition that the debt claimed from the South is illegitimate and that in reality it is the North that owes South peoples a tremendous historic, social, economic, ecological debt.Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt:

The Committee for the Cancellation of the Third World Debt:

(the CADTM - Comite pour l'annulation de la dette du Tiers Monde) is an international network of individuals and local committees from across Europe and Latin America, Africa and Asia. The network acts in close liaison with other movements and organizations fighting for the same ideals. Its main preoccupation, besides the debt issue, is the planning of activities and radical alternatives for the creation of a world respectful of people's fundamental rights, needs and liberties.


The European Network on Debt and Development is a network of 54 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 19 European countries working on issues related to debt, development finance and poverty reduction.

Click on the links to find out what else is happening during Illegitimate Debt Week! Jubilee Weekend and Jubilee Sunday

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