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Jubilee for Students

On July 9th, the President signed the bipartisan legislation to promote college affordability and protect low-interest college loans through the Transportation Bill.  Jubilee applauds the bipartisanship in Congress and we thank the President for his leadership and Republicans and Democrats who reached across the aisle to make this happen. Read Jubilee's statement on the vote to protect college students and their families.

Faith communities played a major role in this accomplishment.  Months before, Jubilee mobilized supporters and engaged Congress Members to protect low-interest rates for students and minimize future debt burdens on students before time runs out on July 1st, 2012. We sent a letter to Senators and had a weekend of action and prayer.  Over 40 Jubilee Congregations and Faith Communities prayed and acted for students. Over 1,600 supporters sent letters to their Senators.  Find out more about communities that participated in the weekend of action and prayer. 

Read about Jubilee's work around the student loan issue in Yes! MagazineCatholic News Service and Eric's blog in Sojourners which talks about his visit to the White House to hear President Obama speak on student loans.  And read our blog.


Jubilee USA's Weekend of Action and Prayer around June 24th.


  • Click here to download our full resource packet with all the documents below

    • Click here to download a letter from our Executive Director, Eric LeCompte
    • Click here for our sampler prayer for worship and action
    • Going the extra mile? Click here to download the petition to spread
    • Click here for a resource mapping the connections between global and student debt issues
    • Click here to see which communities are already praying and acting

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