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LINKING OUR NEIGHBORS for global economic justice

Jubilee USA draws its strength as a network through strong connections from diverse faith communities and grassroots organizations that share our values of social justice.

Jubilee USA is calling on all of our individual supporters, Jubilee Congregations and community partners to reach out to social justice organizations and faith communities in your towns, cities and neighborhoods where you do not have strong relationships.

By using the vision of Jubilee, debt cancellation, transformed global financial institutions, and a socially just world, we can continue to bring communities together and strengthen our mission.  Build stronger local community relationships at the same time as you work towards eradicating global poverty!

Get Involved!

Jubilee USA encourages you to cultivate relationships with members in your community unfamiliar with Jubilee justice.  You can link hands with your neighbors in a number of exciting ways:

Coordinate one meeting:

Take one step -- set up one meeting with a new faith community or community organization about the issues of Jubilee.  If your own community has not become involved start there!

Make building new Jubilee connections and this meeting your action on the Jubilee Weekdn!

  • CLICK HERE for a guide to setting up and facilitating a meeting, or

Go the extra mile and use this meeting to begin co-coordinating for an event listed below!

Jubilee Weekend:

Invite. Invite other local faith communities to come and participate in your Jubilee Sunday service. Click here for more about Jubilee Sunday.

Plan. Plan a Linking Our Neighbors event. Have secular, interfaith and ecumenical prayers and reflection, share a meal and make chains as a united community to fight for justice.  Click here for a resource.

Organize.  Organize a Stand Up Take Action event with your entire community. Click here for the resource.

Prayer.  Incorporate one prayer into your service on the weekend of October 14th.

Act.  Make paper chains to be delivered to your Members of Congress.

Make building new Jubilee connections for your Jubilee Weekend events a priority!

Jubilee Act:

The Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending and Borrowing will be introduced to the 112th Congress to help push for a transformed international financial system.  Take this moment to connect with some new community members about Jubilee justice.

Remember to Connect with the Jubilee Team!

The first step to making a successful event is to connect with local communities in your area.  Contact Jubilee USA to learn about communities by you and we will guide and support you along the way.  Call us at (202) 783-3566 or email at [email protected].

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