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The Commitment

What is the Commitment?

  • Pray for Jubilee justice for the world's poorest communities
  • Provide a contact person to facilitate education and action in your faith community on debt
  • Raise one dollar per member to support the mission of Jubilee USA Network
  •  Contribute one letter per member to elected officials on debt cancellation

In signing-on as a Jubilee Congregation and committing to these actions, you can bring the struggle for economic justice through debt cancellation and the vision of Jubilee to your community.  A modest donation from congregation members, a sermon educating congregants on this important issue and letter-writing tables after a service can unify and inspire your community.

What More Can You Do?

Beyond this minimum commitment, there are a variety of activities in which your congregation can take part to advance the bold vision of Jubilee among the members. Group study on the Jubilee texts, sabbath economics or investigation of the teachings on debt in your tradition can provide a context for your members to grapple with the moral dimensions of this issue while furthering their involvement in this issue.

Sermons on Jubilee and services with Jubilee themes can also highlight this issue and inspire people to learn and contribute more to this global movement.  Through Jubilee Congregations, you can strengthen your relationships with your worldwide sister communities; explore the reality of debt in these countries; and learn more about how your sister communities are involved in debt cancellation. This can bless your community with greater awareness of global justice issues.

There are endless ways to get involved as a Jubilee Congregation. The hope is that your community will commit to fulfilling the Jubilee, not only through financial stewardship and letter writing, but also with your prayers and action.

If people of faith unite and say, "no more" to the ravages of debt in impoverished nations we can save tens of thousands of lives lost needlessly to poverty, underdevelopment and unfair economic polices.

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