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Jubilee Action Parties

Are you interested in hosting a meeting to support the Jubilee USA Network's current actions and campaigns?

With the global economic crisis, 100 million more people will be pushed into extreme poverty in 2009, and poor countries are slipping further and further away from reaching the Millennium Development Goals.  

That is why we are asking you to host a Jubilee Action Party to get your local Jubilee supporters involved in our current actions and campaigns. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together current and potential supporters of the Jubilee movement to learn more about Jubilee and to take action in your local community.

We have developed the following materials with tips and suggestions for you to be able to host your meeting and to get people inspired!


    Guide to Hosting a Jubilee Action Party


    Guide to Meeting with Your Member of Congress
    Candelight Vigil Guide
    Coin Delivery Guide

There are many easy ways that your community can participate.  Once you pick your action, you can use the linked worksheets to help you plan the event in the organizing meeting.

    CLICK HERE to sign up to host a Jubilee Action Party or get more information

Hosting a Successful Jubilee Action Party Meeting

The Jubilee USA team has put together some helpful tips for you to have a successful organizing meeting.

Step 1: Contact the Jubilee USA office at coord(at)jubileeusa.org or at (202) 783-3566 to let us know that you are hosting an organizing meeting.  We will send you a DVD and a packet of helpful information and handouts to help you host your meeting.

Step 2: Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!  Ask like-minded activists and persons whom you know are supporters of the Jubilee movement to attend your organizing meeting.  Let them know that there will be a chance to learn about the Jubilee movement and for them to get involved in our latest campaigns and actions.

Step 3:  Join a call to connect with other organizing meeting hosts.  Jubilee USA will convene a conference call with other hosts from around the country to learn about how to facilitate their meetings and gain helpful tips from experienced activists and answer any questions that you may have!

Step 4: Make sure you send out reminder calls and emails to all of your invited guests that have confirmed.  This is a really important step!  

Step 5: Follow some of the helpful tips below help you prepare the day of your meeting.

  • Make sure you greet guests as they come in and make sure all guests sign in so that you can follow up with them to thank them for coming and to engage them in next steps.
  • Test your audio visual equipment to make sure that you can play the short film.
  • Set out refreshments or ask guests to bring a dessert or covered dish.  Food always makes for a great party.
  • Make sure you have enough seating for everyone.
  • Make sure you have all materials set out, talking points, handouts and worksheets to plan your activities.
  • Have Fun!

Sample Agenda for Jubilee Action Parties

1. Gathering (10 minutes)

2. Introductions (15 minutes) - Hosts should have everyone introduce themselves and give a brief background on the Jubilee Campaign and the film they are about to see.

3. Show Movie (20 minutes) - You and your guests can watch a short film about the debt crisis (see examples below).

4. Discussion about film and the Jubilee Act (15 minutes) - You and your guests should discuss the film and one thing that you have learned from the film.  The hosts should lead the discussion and answer questions.  (Jubilee Staff will be happy to provide you with talking points and fact sheets.  You DO NOT need to be an expert on these issues).  Hand out copies of the Jubilee Act summary, and briefly go over how it  will help alleviate global poverty by expanding debt relief eligibility and setting up frameworks for responsible lending. If there is a question that arises that you don't know the answer to simply tell them you don't know and the Jubilee Staff will be happy to assist you.  This is a great opportunity to follow up with guests.

5. Choose Your Group's Action and complete the worksheets that will help you plan your actions (15 minutes) - Encourage that people volunteer to help organizing the action.  

6. Go Over Next Steps. Review Everyone's Responsibilities for one of the actions below and make a plan for the next time your group will meet. 

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