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Current Actions

Call on Members of Congress, the US Treasury Department and the US Federal Reserve Board to intervene in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico owes $72 billion, $20,000 for every person on the island. To make debt payments, the government is closing schools, slashing funding to hospitals, and not paying the pensions it owes.

The federal government can intervene: Congress can extend US municipal bankruptcy protection to Puerto Rico's public entities, the Federal Reserve could intervene, offer debt relief and prevent further austerity policies, and the US Treasury Department has tools at its disposal to help resolve the crisis.

Act now to resolve Puerto Rico's debt crisis.

Join us in calling on the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to cancel Nepal's debt.

Over the course of three weeks, two major earthquakes struck Nepal and took over 8,000 lives. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and pays nearly $600,000 a day in debt. Jubilee USA calls on the IMF and the World Bank to immediately cancel Nepal's debt to support recovery and rebuilding efforts.

This February, Jubilee USA won a new debt relief trust fund at the IMF designed exactly for this purpose - aiding poor countries in times of crisis. This fund could cancel the $23 million Nepal owes the IMF over the next two years, but only if we act. Meanwhile, Nepal owes the World Bank $1.5 billion in debt. We call on the World Bank to cancel that debt and create its own emergency fund for poor countries in crisis.

Please sign and share our petition calling for debt relief for Nepal.

Join us in thanking Secretary Lew for supporting debt relief for Ebola-stricken West Africa!

The three countries most impacted by Ebola - Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia - desperately need resources to combat the disease and to fund recovery efforts. Guinea, where the outbreak began, spends more money on debt than on public health, and all three countries lose hundreds of millions of dollars each year to corporate tax avoidance and corruption. In successive meetings with the White House, Jubilee USA called for debt relief for these countries and in October, more than 130 Jubilee faith communities acted and prayed on Ebola and debt during our annual Jubilee Weekend. In November, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew called for $100 million in debt relief for these three countries and brought Jubilee's Ebola debt relief plan to the G20.

The debt relief money may come from an IMF trust fund we helped to create in 2010 in the aftermath of Haiti's devastating earthquake. That year, Jubilee's efforts led to more than $1 billion in debt relief for the Haitian people. We've continually urged the IMF and the White House to use this fund for moments like this when the world needs it most.

Please tell Secretary Lew: Thank You for Ebola debt relief and please continue to support debt relief efforts for countries in need around the world.

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Current Campaigns

Linking Our Neighbors

Reach out to social justice organizations and faith communities in your towns, cities, and neighborhoods where you do not have strong relationships.  Join us by using the vision of Jubilee, debt cancellation, transformed global financial institutions, and the vision of a socially just world so that we can bring communities together.

Voices of Esther

Raise your voice and be an Esther for our global community.  Join us in continuing to advocate for expanded debt cancellation and responsible finance to United State's decision makers.

1,000 Faith Leaders Initiative

In Spring 2011, Jubilee USA is organizing more than 1,000 diverse faith leaders from across the country to sign a letter for President Obama to expand life-saving debt cancellation and responsible finance for the world's poorest countries.

See our past campaigns.

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Whether you are visiting our site for the first time or you are a seasoned Jubilee supporter, the power to change the world lies in whether you choose to take action here and now. There are many ways to get involved

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These are the resources that put you in contact with your members of Congress, help you write an op-ed to local and national publications, and manage a media relations campaign. Whatever you want to do to get the word out about economic justice, it's at your fingertips.

Faith Communities - Jubilee Congregations 

An Ethiopian proverb says, "When spider webs unite, they can entangle a lion." When people of faith join together for a purpose, we can turn the tides of economic injustice, challenge harmful and destructive polices and advance a prophetic vision of fairness and equality for the world's impoverished people.

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