Jubilee USA
Building an economy serves, protects and promotes participation of the most vulnerable. 

Current Campaigns

Working in solidarity with partners around the world, Jubilee USA promotes our mission through public education, grassroots organizing, media outreach, policy analysis and advocacy in the United States. Our ongoing campaigns help us achieve our goals. Explore them below.

Linking Our Neighbors

Reach out to social justice organizations and faith communities in your towns, cities, and neighborhoods where you do not have strong relationships.  Join us by using the vision of Jubilee, debt cancellation, transformed global financial institutions, and the vision of a socially just world so that we can bring communities together.

Voices of Esther

Raise your voice and be an Esther for our global community.  Join us in continuing to advocate for expanded debt cancellation and responsible finance to United State's decision makers.

1,000 Faith Leaders Initiative

In Spring 2011, Jubilee USA is organizing more than 1,000 diverse faith leaders from across the country to sign a letter for President Obama to expand life-saving debt cancellation and responsible finance for the world's poorest countries.


Past Campaigns

Click here to see our past campaigns.

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