2021/2022 Report


Most of the world's countries continue to struggle with impacts of the pandemic, soaring food prices and a climate crisis. As we review our efforts together over the last year, we moved forward solutions to the climate crisis and pandemic and we won the largest amounts of relief and aid in our 25 year history.

Read and share ourĀ 2021-2022 reportĀ as we look back on our work and continue efforts to address the root causes of poverty, inequality and climate and financial crisis.

In our report, you'll read about our New York legislation to resolve debt crises, protect US tax payers and stop economic shocks. Almost 50 countries benefited from our debt relief efforts. We won hundreds of billions in new pandemic response aid, secured student debt relief and Puerto Rico aid advanced.

We produced new research on how the pandemic is impacting 24 countries. Hundreds of Jubilee congregations, faith communities and partners organized with us to push the G20, IMF and White House to implement policies to resolve the current climate and financial crisis - and prevent future crises.

While our campaigns continue to succeed, we'll need your help as world leaders continue to make critical decisions about our lives, livelihoods and planets. Read and share our Jubilee USA Network 2021-2022 report.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the new year and beyond.


Aldo Caliari
Senior Director of Policy and Campaigns
Jubilee USA Network

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