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Call Congress: Support Debt and Disaster Relief

Please take a moment and call your Senator so urgent food assistance can be passed and Puerto Rico's debt is cut to protect the vulnerable

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Join Faith Leaders and sign “NAFTA and International Public Health: An Interfaith Call for Access to Medicines” 

As NAFTA negotiations continue, we urge you and your institutions to consider signing onto our “NAFTA and International Public Health: An Interfaith Call for Access to Medicines” statement. The statement below asks that any trade policies considered will take into account the immense suffering of vulnerable populations caused by the lack of access to medicines. It is important that the Administration hears a unified voice from institutions and individuals across the country that access to medicines is essential. Let us join our voices together as an interfaith coalition and have signers to the letter include every state and territory of The United States of America!

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Institutions are encouraged to email Kate Zeller at or complete this form.

Before the Next Hurricane Strikes, Protect Islands with High Debt and Poverty Rates

Thanks to our work together since September, the G7 and world leaders are considering proposals for debt relief when islands with high poverty rates and high debt burdens are hit by hurricanes. As a new hurricane season begins, urge the White House, G7, G20, IMF, World Bank and United Nations to promote debt relief crisis response tools when islands are hit by natural disasters. Please take action now as experts predict that the 2018 hurricane season could be worse than the devastating 2017 season. 

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Ask Congress for More Relief for Puerto Rico and USVI Relief

Please join us as we thank Congress for moving forward relief for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Join us as we invite Congress to do even more. Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands will need more recovery aid. The US citizens on the islands still need to be able to access the same levels of healthcare and child tax benefits that US citizens can access in the States. Continuing to win these policies is essential to ending the debt crisis that continue in the post-hurricane world on the islands.

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Prevent Future Financial Crisis in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's economic crisis is at a critical moment. The island needs comprehensive debt restructuring and austerity prevention to grow its economy, protect its people and combat child poverty. Congress can help - Email your representatives and urge them to act for Puerto Rico today.

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