Muslim Resources

Opening Prayer & Welcome
International debt and its relationship to global justice and Muslim ethics. A call to action!

Islam & Economic Justice
Excerpts from Jubilee USA Network members.

Islam & Jubilee
The Power of Debt Cancellation to Fight Hunger, Poverty, and Injustice. Plus, debt facts and answers to questions such as "Why join Jubilee?"

The Qur'an & Jubilee Justice
Selections from the Qur’an that give guidance on justice in our society and the forgiveness of debts. The words were applicable centuries ago and they still ring true today.

Islamic Perspectives on Poverty & Debt
What the Qur'an and some Imams say about working in the global community to cancel debt. 

Islamic Quotations on Responding to Poverty
Specific selections on the Jubilee and its application today.

Jubilee Jumah
Join Jubilee USA for a weekend of prayer and action to protect the world's most vulnerable the weekend

Jubilee in the Qu'ran - Printable