Debt and Lending


Countries, states and cities are wrestling with debt crises and often unable to meet the needs of vulnerable communities. Jubilee USA works on a broad range of policies to protect vulnerable populations and address financial crisis. The debt issues we work on include debt relief, debt restructuring and responsible lending and borrowing. 

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Student Debt and Consumer Protections

Jubilee USA works for solutions to debt crises all around the world, including right here in the United States. Our work includes pushing for responsible lending and borrowing practices that would protect consumers and an end to predatory lending. For example, we work for solutions for students facing increasingly burdensome student loan debt, and we seek to address the problems that arise through “payday” lending. 

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Vulture Funds

“Vulture Funds” or predatory hedge funds profit from economies that are experiencing financial crisis and are unable to meet the social needs of their people. The funds use numerous tactics including litigating  for much more than they bought the debt for, often suing for the original worth of the debt plus sky-high interest and legal fees. At times, these funds target and collect new debt relief monies intended for poverty reduction.

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