G20/IMF: Protect Vulnerable, Prevent Financial Crisis as Covid-19 Spreads

As Covid-19 takes lives, impacts the markets, affects healthcare and drives a global financial crisis, we the undersigned urge the G20, the International Monetary Fund, its Members and Executive Directors to:

  • Cancel debt to bolster healthcare in developing countries affected by Covid-19. Increase debt relief and aid through the Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust and other expanded processes
  • Mobilize additional financing resources to support all countries impacted by the economic and health impacts of the coronavirus
  • Enhance debt restructuring, issuing debt payment moratoriums and creating expedient debt reprofiling processes for countries impacted by the coronavirus
  • Advise countries to emerge from the crisis with more resilience by encouraging policies and agreements to increase protections for the vulnerable, instill greater public budget transparency, implement financial crisis and market protections, promote responsible lending and borrowing and curb corruption and tax evasion
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