Today: Congress Jubilee Vote, Call Now - the Corporate Transparency Act


Thanks to your work, Congress votes today on Jubilee legislation to stop corruption, prevent human trafficking and protect debt relief and development aid.

The House of Representatives could vote as early as 5:00 PM today on our Corporate Transparency Act. Your call is needed now. Please take two minutes and tell your Representative to vote for the bipartisan Corporate Transparency Act.

Your actions over the last few weeks, months and years have finally gotten us to this point. In recent weeks, we've generated thousands of phone calls to Congress urging support for the Corporate Transparency Act. Over the weekend, Congregations across the United States ran petition drives and postcard rallies in support of the Corporate Transparency Act.

Tens of thousands of Jews, Christians, Muslims and people of good will - prayed and acted for Jubilee this past weekend.

Today, the United Church of Christ, Catholic religious orders, interfaith organizations and congregations from coast to coast are joining Jubilee USA and sending companion action alerts to even generate more phone calls to Congress.

Today - if we can generate enough calls on our Republican and Democratic led legislation, we can finally win a vote we've been working towards for 10 years.

With a vote about to take place on the Corporate Transparency Act, your call to your Representative can make the difference. Tell your Rep to end financial secrecy, protect vulnerable communities, prevent the profiting of human trafficking, protect aid and debt relief and ensure that poor people aren't exploited.

This vital Jubilee legislation reveals the true owners of "anonymous" shell companies to government authorities. These shell companies hide those who profit from human trafficking, dictators use them to steal development aid and debt relief - these shell companies contribute to a loss of nearly a trillion dollars a year from the developing world.

Your consistent actions on this campaign for the last 10 years made a difference. Your thousands of postcards, phone calls and e-mails in recent weeks have gotten us here today. Now - please make one more phone call so we can move this legislation in the House and then move our campaign to the Senate.


Kate Zeller