Senate Puerto Rico Victory, House Delays Action, NAFTA, Mozambique


For months we put pressure on the Senate to pass disaster relief and food assistance for Puerto Rico. Your calls, e-mails and petitions paid off.

Yesterday we won the Senate and passed a bipartisan $19.1 billion disaster aid bill for US States and Territories - aiding millions of people from Puerto Rico to California, from Guam to Nebraska.

Now that legislation is stalled in the House of Representatives. 

After the disaster supplemental passed the Senate on Thursday, the House of Representatives attempted a voice vote today which requires unanimous approval. Texas Representative Chip Roy blocked the vote. Now the full House won't vote until June, when Members of Congress return from recess.

The President committed to sign the legislation into law once Congress passes the disaster package. 

The legislation includes $600 million in disaster food assistance to benefit more than 1.3 million people in Puerto Rico. Another $300 million will support housing rebuilding funds as Puerto Rico wrestles with its debt crisis. Perhaps most importantly - we have an agreement to expedite the allocation of $8.9 billion of monies Congress already passed for Puerto Rico.

You moved the Senate. Now we need you to call your Representative and urge them to pass disaster and debt relief for Puerto Rico. The Congressional switchboard is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to take your message. Please call whenever you receive this message.

Your calls for Puerto Rico debt and disaster relief are crucial now as the next round of debt relief could be decided in June.

Please make a call to your Representative now. Urge your community, family and friends to make a call for Puerto Rico.

Your actions make a big difference and move bipartisan action. 

From Puerto Rico to Mozambique, from Iowa to Mexico - Jubilee USA is one of a few organizations moving bipartisan policies to protect vulnerable people across the United States and around our world.

Together, we won $50 billion in relief aid for Puerto Rico, we moved forward a debt relief process and united Republicans and Democrats to agree that Puerto Rico needs to rebuild to withstand future storms.

Together, we pushed the US Treasury, White House and Justice Department to prosecute those responsible for Mozambique's scandalous debt. The US Government is seeking extradition for former Mozambique Finance Minister and Credit Suisse bankers who forged fraudulent Mozambique loans to turn fishing boats into military attack ships. Former Credit Suisse employee, Detelina Subeva pled guilty to money laundering in US court on Monday. 

We've now learned that our actions for a new NAFTA deal are moving negotiations to consider increasing access to medicines for vulnerable communities.

Your Jubilee actions move mountains. Please call your Representative today and tell them to support disaster and debt relief for Puerto Rico.

So grateful for your partnership,



Eric LeCompte
Executive Director