Puerto Rico Debt, Disaster Relief - Calls are Working


Thanks to your partnership, we've generated tens of thousands of messages to Congress on Puerto Rico. Because of our campaign efforts, we are moving forward debt relief, transparency and disaster aid for the US Territory.

A lot is happening and we need you to take action right away.

Because of our work together, we ensured that Puerto Rico's debt advisors need to disclose conflicts of interest. Because of our phone calls to Congress since December, the Senate is now including $600 million in Nutritional Assistance Program benefits for over million vulnerable people in Puerto Rico.

Now we need to move Congress to pass this vital disaster food assistance. On March 1, over a million fellow Americans in Puerto Rico saw their disaster food assistance cut. While we moved Republican Senate leadership to include the assistance in a new package - the Senate must hear from you right away to pass this emergency food assistance. Call the Senate now and tell them that Puerto Rico needs emergency food assistance funding and comprehensive and transparent debt relief.

You made this moment possible with your calls and messages to Congress. Your actions made a big difference and if we can continue to act, we will move Republicans and Democrats to create a Jubilee for Puerto Rico. If you've already made a call to Congress, it's urgent that you call and leave a message again.

Together, we won more than $50 billion in disaster aid for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Working with Republican and Democratic leadership we secured the first ever "better building" provisions so the islands can rebuild to withstand the next storm. Because of your support for debt relief for Puerto Rico, we stopped $8 billion dollars from reaching the hands of creditors. We stopped new vulture funds from sweeping in and buying debt cheap. We won the first super bankruptcy process to deal with all debt since the 1953 process when Germany's debt was relieved. We won a process to reduce the 60% child poverty rate and audit the debt.

The progress only happened because of our partnership together and our push to Congress and the White House.

While we won a lot, we still have a lot to do. Some of the processes we won failed to move forward. We need to win another $70 billion in disaster aid and we need to be sure that Puerto Rico's bankruptcy process cuts enough debt and prevents austerity.

Please call your Senator now and ask them to pass disaster food assistance and support processes for transparent and sustainable debt cuts.

In recent weeks, Jubilee USA's Executive Director, Eric LeCompte, met with the White House and Republican and Democratic leadership to move forward our Puerto Rico efforts. Eric briefed leaders of Congress on the processes for disaster aid and debt relief. At every meeting, Republican and Democratic leaders told Eric we've only gotten this far because of Jubilee USA's efforts.

Republican and Democratic leaders also noted we can only win further debt and disaster relief for Puerto Rico with Jubilee USA's continued action.

Please take a moment and call your Senator so urgent food assistance can be passed and Puerto Rico's debt is cut to protect the vulnerable. You can leave a message 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. At this point, every call counts and makes a difference. 


Kate Zeller
Campaigns Director