Urge Congress for Puerto Rico Relief


Because of your actions, we consistently moved the White House and Congress on Puerto Rico. 

However, disaster relief and food assistance are stalled for Puerto Rico. We are worried that Puerto Rico won't receive the debt relief it needs. Our work moved Republicans and Democrats to agree that continuing emergency food assistance for Puerto Rico should happen, but on March 1st more than a million people in Puerto Rico lost food assistance benefits. 

We must flood Senate inboxes to move forward disaster and debt relief for Puerto Rico. Please clink on this link and send a message to your Senators.

While your phone calls and actions forced Senate votes, Congress left for recess without agreeing on disaster relief and emergency food aid for Puerto Rico.

Your calls moved legislation to a vote. We need you to put the pressure on again.  

We need to move Congress to pass this vital food and disaster assistance. We need Congress to be sure that Puerto Rico receives debt relief. Email your Senators now and tell them to fund Puerto Rico’s Nutrition Assistance Program, provide further disaster aid and support debt relief.



Kate Zeller
Campaigns Director