Call Congress: Urgent Puerto Rico Action


Thanks to your actions, we've moved Congress consistently on Puerto Rico over the last three years. Jubilee USA successfully focused on cutting Puerto Rico's debt, preventing austerity, securing monies to protect the vulnerable and winning hurricane rebuilding aid.

Before Congress goes on recess Friday, Congress will decide the fate of 260,000 vulnerable US citizens living in Puerto Rico who rely on the Nutritional Assistance Program or NAP. The 260,000 low income people will lose their benefits and another million people in Puerto Rico will see their benefits cut.

Please call Congress now and urge that they fund the Nutritional Assistance Program to protect poor children, the elderly and disabled. Tell Congress to fund disaster assistance and support a transparent debt restructuring that reduces child poverty.

Your efforts so far have won more than $45 billion in rebuilding aid for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Our work over the next year is critical as we work to secure another $80 billion in funds needed for rebuilding. Because of Jubilee USA's work with Republican and Democratic leadership, we secured "Better Building" provisions so that Puerto Rico can rebuild to withstand future storms.

In the weeks to come our work together is critical as we move forward a debt restructuring in Puerto Rico that is transparent, prevents austerity, reduces austerity and ensures that Puerto Rico can have a sustainable economy.

As you receive this, the US Government is preparing letters for 260,000 people in Puerto Rico telling them that during the holidays, their food assistance monies will be cut. Another million people will see their food benefits cut. We can stop this additional austerity now. Call Congress now and tell them to fund NAP for the US citizens living in Puerto Rico.

On Friday, Congress goes home for the holidays. If we act now, we can make sure that many of our friends in Puerto Rico have a brighter holiday season.

Thanks for taking action.



Kate Zeller
Campaigns Director