Congress Passes Somalia Debt Relief


We have great news. It's been a fast moving 24 hours. Thanks to our efforts together, the House of Representatives and the Senate just authorized the beginning of debt relief for Somalia.

We made the impossible, possible. And debt relief for Somalia cannot come quickly enough.

The White House needs to urgently hear from you.

Now that we passed the initial authorization in the Senate and the House, the President needs to sign the authorization into law. Please ask the White House to support Somalia debt relief now.

The Human Development Index ranks Somalia among the 5 least developed countries on earth. Possibly the poorest country on the African continent, Somalia has a 73% extreme poverty rate. Without relieving Somalia's debt, Somalia cannot finance infrastructure and recover from war, disasters or famines.

Debt cancellation for Somalia could mean women's empowerment, kids going back to school and moving forward measures to end extreme poverty.

The President could sign the bill as early as today if we act. Can you please ask the White House to support Somalia debt relief?

Somalia owes $4.6 billion in debt. $1.1 billion is owed to the US and the US is the largest debt holder. If the US authorizes the process to begin, the IMF, World Bank, France, Italy and other countries will follow suit.

Congress authorized $35 million to begin paying the principle of Somalia's debt and authorize the Treasury and State Department to begin the process. We'll need more help from you in the coming weeks to finish the process - but now momentum is on our side.

Thank you,


P.s. Before the end of the year, we are working to secure $6 billion in Puerto Rico aid and win our changes in NAFTA. We moved the Corporate Transparency Act through the House and are moving the Senate. In order to continue winning, we ask that you please make a donation to support our urgent efforts. All gifts are doubled now.