Senate Votes: Human Trafficking, Debt Relief and Transparency


Next week the Senate decides if Jubilee's Corporate Transparency Act will be voted on.

Thanks to your thousands of calls, petitions, postcards and messages over the last year — the House of Representatives passed the Corporate Transparency Act and we won White House and US Treasury support.

Together we worked on this bipartisan legislation for the last ten years, it finally passed the House and now we need to work together to get it passed the Senate.

Our legislation reveals the true owners of anonymous shell companies to law enforcement. These shell companies are used to hide profits of human traffickers. Dictators and corrupt governments use shell companies to steal debt relief and development aid. Illegal weapons dealers use them. Criminals running Medicaid scams rely on these shell corporations.

For the Senate to move this Republican and Democratic legislation out of committee for a vote next week we need you to do two things:

1.) Please email your Senators now and ask them to co-sponsor Jubilee USA's transparency bills. If you already contacted them, it's urgent you send them another message.

2.) Next week, on December 3rd, we'll deliver our faith community letter to Senators asking them to support this critical legislation. Please have your faith community, congregation or religious institution sign this letter by December 2nd.

Working together, we've made it this far. Now we need you to act again and help us clear one more hurdle to make another piece of Jubilee legislation become law.



Kate Zeller
Campaigns Director

P.s. In the next few weeks, we likely face 4 votes in Congress and we really need your help. Puerto Rico, Somalia, a new NAFTA and the Corporate Transparency Act face votes. Please make a donation to Jubilee USA Network as we win critical Jubilee legislation. All gifts for Jubilee USA are doubled now.