End of Year Report 2018


I am so grateful for your partnership. Together we continue to address the root causes of poverty, inequality, war, terrorism and migration.

When you read our 2018 year-end report, you'll read how we exceeded expectations in a challenging political environment. You'll see how we won new US and global debt, tax, trade and transparency policies that address the root causes of migration and poverty.

Remarkably, our efforts from Puerto Rico to NAFTA to the International Monetary Fund were covered in tens of thousands of news outlets. The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, global television and your local newspaper covered our thoughts and work.

Major funders, partners and journalists all tell me they think our annual budget is in the millions. They are floored when they learn that our policy, organizing and media impact happens on a budget of a few hundred thousand. It's why every gift really, really matters for us. 

Together over the last year we launched 5 new campaigns and we won 6 major victories. In our 2018 year-end report, you learn how we won more than $45 billion in rebuilding aid for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.   

Because of our strategic efforts together, we moved Republicans and Democrats to ensure that Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands can rebuild to withstand future storms. 

In the new NAFTA, we stopped “vulture funds” from collecting on old debt and organized major religious institutions to demand that all people should be able to access life-saving medicine. After years of pressure, we moved the IMF to acknowledge the new debt crisis in Africa and the importance of preventing the next global financial crisis.

In our 2018 year-end report, you'll see why a gift really matters.

When you read our 2018 year-end report you'll see how we are one of few organizations that will move the White House, Congress, G-20, IMF and United Nations in 2019. You'll read in our comprehensive year-end report that we are poised to address the root causes of migration, poverty, terrorism, war and inequality in the year to come.

We are so grateful for your support.



Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte

P.s. Please join me and make a tax-deductible gift to Jubilee USA today. Whether that gift is $5, $25 or $250 it goes a very very long way on our little budget.