Puerto Rico, NAFTA - We need your help


Our Congress calls and messages are positively impacting our Puerto Rico efforts for debt relief, disaster aid and child poverty reduction.

Because of your pressure and Jubilee USA meetings with the White House and with Congress, we moved the White House to now support the Nutrition Assistance Program for Puerto Rico. Because of our work together, Republican Senate legislation is now including our $600 million request for disaster food assistance for more than a million vulnerable people in Puerto Rico.

We need your support to pass the Senate legislation as soon as possible. Over a week ago, more than a million fellow Americans in Puerto Rico saw disaster food benefits cut. Your tax-deductible gift to Jubilee USA today will be doubled and double our impacts on winning disaster and debt relief for Puerto Rico. Your gift is vital now to win a new NAFTA deal that protects the vulnerable and win our current campaigns for financial transparency.

When we found out that a firm advising Puerto Rico's debt restructuring had a subsidiary firm that owned Puerto Rico debt, our messages to Congress successfully pushed the advisers of Puerto Rico's debt restructuring to disclose conflicts of interest.

Your gift really matters now as we push Congress and the White House to ensure that a new NAFTA deal protects the vulnerable and ensures that vulnerable people can get the medicine they need. Already, our trade campaign efforts secured commitments to stop "vulture funds" from using trade deals to collect on old bad debt.

When you join me and contribute to support Jubilee USA's vital 2019 campaigns, your gift will be matched and doubled. In a tough political environment, your gift makes it possible for us to move forward trade deals, debt deals and corporate transparency legislation that lifts and protects the vulnerable.

Over the last year, we won more than $50 billion in disaster aid for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Working with Republican and Democratic leadership we secured the first ever "better building" provisions so the islands can rebuild to withstand future storms. Because of your multi-year support for debt relief for Puerto Rico, we stopped $8 billion dollars from reaching the hands of creditors and now the courts are reviewing a plan to cancel another $6 billion in debt. We stopped new vulture funds from sweeping in and buying debt cheap. We won the first super bankruptcy process that has the potential to deal with all of Puerto Rico's debt. We won a Puerto Rico process to reduce the 60% child poverty rate and audit the debt.

Unfortunately, some of the processes we won failed to move forward and we need to urgently move them forward.

We need to win another $70 billion in disaster aid and we need to be sure that Puerto Rico's quick moving bankruptcy process cuts enough debt and stops austerity. Predatory hedge funds and creditors are trying to stop Puerto Rico's bankruptcy process and legal challenges are heading to the Supreme Court.

Your tax-deductible donation is needed now for our efforts to move forward. Whether you donate $25, $100, $7, $500 or $250, your gift now is matched and doubles our impact.

I am so grateful for your partnership and support.

Eric LeCompte
Executive Director