May 1st 4 Puerto Rico, Mozambique and NAFTA

Friends -

I wanted to alert you that on May 1st, Jubilee USA is co-sponsoring a major advocacy effort with national partners and hundreds of activists for Congress to fully fund disaster relief for Puerto Rico, US States and Territories.

Puerto Rico's disaster relief is intrinsically tied to its need for debt relief. I hope on Wednesday you'll join Jubilee USA's national Call Congress Day for Puerto Rico. Please look for our Wednesday action alert.

Also on Wednesday, May 1st, our matching donation funds expire. Will you please join me and contribute to support Jubilee USA's vital 2019 campaigns by May 1st so your gift can be matched and doubled?

If you make a monthly, recurring gift your donation will be tripled for the entire year!

Your support is vital now and moves mountains. Your support made it possible for us to push the White House and the US Justice Department to prosecute Mozambique lenders and corrupt government officials who agreed on secret loans to turn fishing boats into military attack crafts.

On Friday, as Category-4 Cyclone Kenneth hit Mozambique we renewed our call for debt relief and public budget transparency for the East African nation.

Your gifts allow us to move forward advocacy for a new NAFTA agreement that protects the vulnerable, stops predatory debt collection and moves forward access to medicines for all of us. Your support means we can move forward bipartisan legislation to stop tax evasion and corruption - legislation that can keep dictators from stealing debt relief monies and prevent the financing of human trafficking.

In a tough political environment, your gift makes it possible for us to move forward trade deals, debt deals and corporate transparency legislation that lifts and protects the vulnerable. You tax-deductible donation today will be matched and doubled. If you make a recurring, monthly donation by May 1st, your gift will be tripled for the year.

Thanks for your partnership,

Eric LeCompte
Executive Director

Twitter: @Eric_LeCompte